WWE 2K23 Best Heavyweights: Overpower your opponent using these BEASTS

WWE 2K23 Brock Lesnar

WWE 2K23 Brock Lesnar

WWE 2K23 has finally arrived, with this year's roster boasting some incredible stars throughout the divisions.

When challenging the elite in WWE, having the power of a heavyweight behind you is certain to set you in good stead, which is why we've picked our favourites from WWE 2K23.

Not only do these Superstars possess the necessary power, but they also boast wonderful move sets that make them enjoyable to use in the game.

Check below for our top 5, as well our picks for the best of the rest.

Roman Reigns

The top-rated superstar in WWE 2K23 was always going to top this list.

Roman Reigns is a monster in this year's game and - on the highest difficulty - this man is almost unbeatable.

WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns
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DOMINATOR - No one is better than Roman Reigns in WWE 2K23

Using the Tribal Chief feels like a cheat code, especially with his faction behind him.

With some hard-hitting moves and an awe-inspiring entrance, Roman Reigns is a man you need to use in WWE 2K23.

Brock Lesnar

Lesnar remains the beast of WWE and his might is firmly on show in this year's game.

Thanks to his powerful move-set, Lesnar is such a joy to use, with his signature F5 one of the most enjoyable moves to hit over and over, and over again!

WWE 2K23 Brock Lesnar
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THE BEAST - Lesnar remains a star of WWE 2K23

Lesnar isn't just restricted to striking, he's also surprisingly agile, making him a threat across the board.

Drew McIntyre

Similar to the enjoyment of using Lesnar's F5, the Claymore Kick by Drew McIntyre is another of our favourite finishers in the game.

A dominating figure who is destined for greatness, McIntyre is a joy to use in WWE 2K23, with his sword-wielding entrance the cherry on the cake.

WWE 2K23 Drew McIntyre
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HEAVY HITTER - McIntyre has an iconic entrance in WWE 2K23

The Scottish powerhouse will quickly become your favourite star in WWE 2K23, with more to love and learn every time you use him.


A differential choice but one we've adored using so far, Gunter is a powerhouse unlike any other on this list.

His range of strikes and hard-hitting chops make you wince with agony as you lay your opponent to the ground.

WWE 2K23 Gunther
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TITAN - Gunther is a true beast in WWE 2K23

The archetypal giant who cannot be slain, we recommend giving Gunter, and his varied move set, a go in WWE 2K23.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

We couldn't leave this legend off the list, as the Rattlesnake deserves nothing more than to always feature on a list of the best heavyweights.

The Stunner remains the best move in the game and hitting it out of nowhere has never felt more satisfying.

WWE 2K23 Stone Cold
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GLASS SMASH - Stone Cold remains iconic as ever in WWE 2K23

Stone Cold is truly brought to life in the beauty of this game and his range of moves makes him a Superstar you simply cannot overlook.

Best of the Rest

Some iconic names just missed out on our top 5, but we wanted to give them a mention anyway.

Below, you'll find some of the best of the rest in the heavyweight division, with legends like the Undertaker and Batista still proving as joyous as ever to use.

John Cena
Randy Orton
Kevin Owens
The Rock
Triple H
Bobby Lashley

John Cena, the WWE 2K23 showcase star, may not have made our top 5, but the AA is still one of the best moves to hit in the game.

WWE 2K23 The Undertaker
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GONG - The Undertaker remains iconic in WWE 2K23

Whatever you enjoy, WWE 2K23 has something for everyone and the heavyweight division is arguably boasting more power than ever before.

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