WWE 2K22 Xbox One: Latest News, updates and Achievement list

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The launch of the WWE 2K22 Xbox One version is finally here and you can start earning all of the Achievements available!

We have the full list of all the Achievements and Trophies available on WWE 2K22 and we'll reveal some of them below.

Let's go over what you can expect on WWE 2K22 on Xbox One systems.

Latest - Trophies and Achievements List

Completing all of the Achievements is essentially a fun sidequest to complete when you're playing through WWE 2K22 on Xbox One.

In total, there are 54 Achievements available for you to complete that range in difficulty and rarity. Hopefully, you've already started earning some of these Achievements.

WWE 2K22 Xbox One Achievements
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TROPHY HUNTING: Start playing through WWE 2K22 to earn some Achievements

Here are a few of the Achievements for you to start hunting:

  • Who's That Jumping Out the Sky? - Complete one objective in Showcase Mode
  • You Filthy Animal! - Complete one match in Showcase Mode
  • Dial It Up - Complete all objectives in one match in Showcase Mode
  • Like Father... - Unlock the Bonus Match in Showcase Mode
  • West Coast Pop - Clear all matches in Showcase Mode

If you'd like to check out the full list of Achievements in WWE 2K22, head here.

WWE 2K22 Xbox One Gameplay & Feature Reveal Trailer

Core gameplay is understandably the biggest focus for most players, as that's where WWE 2K20 basically ruined all of the franchise's remaining goodwill.

WWE 2K22 so far looks excellent in the trailers that have been shown, but that doesn't guarantee it'll work as effectively in the hands of players.

Aside from our few glimpses of gameplay, the most exciting other detail recently revealed is the return of GM Mode as MyGM.

Originally introduced in SmackDown vs. Raw 2006, and available on Xbox 360 in SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 and SmackDown vs. Raw 2008, General Manager Mode allowed players to control an entire show and compete to see who could book the best wrestling programs.

While it only lasted three years, GM Mode has been a cult fan favorite that many wrestling fans continue to rave about and often return to those three games to play again.

MyGM is very clearly channeling the spirit of that mode, and many of the original mechanics appear to be back, but we're still hoping to learn more ahead of launch in the January reveals.

Will WWE 2K22 be on Xbox One?

While it's been stopped short of confirmation, we're all but guaranteed to get a WWE 2K22 Xbox One version when the series finally returns.

As of now, it's scheduled for a release date in March 2022, but we haven't gotten that exact launch day as of yet.

On top of the relatively safe assumption that Visual Concepts, which began development of WWE 2K22 as far back as early 2020, will bring it to Current Gen consoles, a tidbit from one trailer posting solidified that belief.

WWE 2K22 Xbox One
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GAMEPLAY DISPLAY: We got to finally see some of WWE 2K22 in action

When the WWE 2K22 feature reveal trailer was unveiled in November 2021, the one posted to the official PlayStation channel on YouTube had "PS4" in the trailer title.

While the Xbox channel's posted video did not identify a console, there's zero chance the game hits PS4 without also hitting Xbox One.

If you're hoping to play on Next Gen with PS5 or Xbox Series X|S, we've got details here on why a recent job posting may reveal their plans.

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