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WWE 2K22 Xbox Series X|S: MyRISE and MyFACTION a blast on Next Gen systems

With the game in full effect, players are loving the WWE 2K22 Xbox Series X|S version of the game. The next gen graphics have really put the game over the top.

With players enjoying the game, we've got some custom renders you can take advantage of and how to fix some of the current error codes plaguing players.

Latest - Error Code CE-34878-0

The current problem with WWE 2K22 is an error code that keeps popping up. Some players are struggling with things like game saves and player creation.

A recent update was supposed to fix this issue, but some people are still having trouble with it. Restarting your console if you're on PS5 or PS4, could fix your issue.

WWE 2K22 Xbox Series X|S
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RENDER UPLOAD: Learn how to upload better images with our guide

We also have a guide for you on how to upload custom renders when you're creating your MyRISE player. There are even uploads from other players available to use.

If you'd like to learn more about these custom renders, follow this link.

WWE 2K22 Gameplay & Feature Reveal Trailer

While we've only gotten bits and pieces of info about WWE 2K22, the best look so far was with their "Hit List" trailer.

This new look highlighted some gameplay while also confirming some huge features that will be back this year, including the monumental return of GM Mode as MyGM.

This competitive mode will take direct inspiration from the General Manager Mode seen back in SmackDown vs. Raw 2006, 2007, and 2008, but our further details are still a bit limited.

The return of GM Mode is definitely the feature getting the most buzz, but there are tons of exciting details in this trailer.

Universe Mode is back, the Creation Suite is getting a major upgrade, and we're getting two brand-new modes in MyRISE and MyFACTION.

Unfortunately, all it ended up doing was complicating that question as Jeff Hardy was shown in gameplay footage with this trailer and was later released by the company. The good news is he made it into the game!

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