WWE 2K22 trial and beloved fan-favorite Fire Pro Wrestling World hit PS Plus

The new PS Plus has finally arrived, and along with it are some gems for wrestling fans including a new WWE 2K22 trial.

We've got all the details on which PlayStation Plus subscription you'll need for this time-limited WWE 2K22 trial and the fan-favorite Fire Pro Wrestling World.

WWE 2K22 trial available now for PS Plus Premium subscribers

After months of speculation that PS Plus could become a true competitor to Xbox Game Pass with a proper catalogue of games, that news is now official with WWE 2K22 getting in on the action.

While the full WWE 2K22 game is not currently included in their game catalogue like fellow 2K title NBA 2K22, they have added a new time-limited trial.

WWE 2K22 trial Fire Pro Wrestling World
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We've seen temporary trials have success, as a 10-hour time-limited EA Play Trial has become standard practice for the Madden, FIFA, and NHL franchises.

Fans won't get quite as much time in this PS Plus Premium trial of WWE 2K22, but subscribers will receive two hours of full access to the entire game.

If you've been on the fence, this offers a chance to try the new gameplay system for yourself and dip your toes into MyGM or MyRISE.

There are three tiers to the new PS Plus, with Essential at $9.99 a month for just monthly games and online multiplayer, Extra at $14.99 a month for the additional Game Catalog, and Premium at $17.99 a month which includes the Classics Catalog, Game Trials, and Cloud Streaming.

Players will only receive access to the 2-hour trial of WWE 2K22 if they subscribe to the PS Plus Premium tier.

Fan-favorite Fire Pro Wrestling World joins PS Plus Game Catalog

This new trial isn't the only win for wrestling fans in this new PS Plus upgrade, as the core Game Catalog (included with Extra and Premium subscriptions) now includes Fire Pro Wrestling World.

The franchise has been a cult classic for years, with many shouting out Fire Pro Wrestling 2 on PlayStation 2 as one of their favorite wrestling games of all time.

The simpler arcade-style action is very different than WWE 2K22 or other modern sims present, but that streamlined design style allows a massive amount of customization.

Fire Pro Wrestling World is also the primary way that American fans of New Japan Pro-Wrestling can experience their wrestlers as official content.

While many are uploaded as Community Creations, there's an official NJPW crossover with tons of content in Fire Pro Wrestling World and additional DLC.

Any wrestling fans who haven't tried Fire Pro Wrestling World for themselves will definitely want to give this a shot if they're PS Plus subscribers.

There are hopes that an NJPW crossover could be possible with AEW Fight Forever, but that option is still far from reality at this point.

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