WWE 2K22 Soundtrack: Machine Gun Kelly leads the charge along with trailer songs

The WWE 2K22 soundtrack is already becoming clear as the title's release date looms just over a month away, and one big name is leading the charge.

We've got details on all known WWE 2K22 soundtrack songs, when the Spotify Playlist could go live, and how Machine Gun Kelly will be involved this year.

WWE 2K22 Soundtrack introduces Machine Gun Kelly

For quite some time, news was pretty scarce about WWE 2K22 until a series of leaks started to roll in just days before the title would be confirmed and the cover star revealed.

While most of that focused on details like release date and pre order rewards, some gamers noticed advertising material potentially based on box art from the back of the game that identified Machine Gun Kelly as Executive Soundtrack Producer.

Now that the official trailer has dropped and we've even seen MGK in the studio working on the WWE 2K22 soundtrack during that trailer, it's been confirmed he will indeed be curating this year's audio lineup.

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KEEP IT DOWN: Not unlike Marty McFly, MGK was just too dang loud

Exactly how much that involvement, and Machine Gun Kelly's own music, will impact the final WWE 2K22 soundtrack is not yet clear.

We can probably expect at least one or two songs on the soundtrack that feature MGK or were made by him, but more than likely his input will lean more towards curating which songs from other artists make the final playlist.

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WWE 2K22 Spotify Playlist (so far)

Unfortunately, the official WWE 2K22 Spotify Playlist is not yet live, and as such we don't know the full WWE 2K22 soundtrack lineup just yet.

The timing of when it's available can vary, but usually it hits Spotify within one or two weeks of launch, so we can expect the WWE 2K22 Spotify Playlist around late February 2022.

While we don't have all the details, we know of three songs that were featured in the three WWE 2K22 trailers that have already been released.

It's not guaranteed that all three of these will end up in the final WWE 2K22 soundtrack, but it's very likely and is a pretty common practice across sports games.

Here are all of the WWE 2K22 soundtrack songs we know so far:

  • "CLOUDS" by NF (used in WrestleMania 37 teaser)
  • "Forever" by Jonezen (used in Release Window teaser)
  • "Back at It" by Zayde Wolf (used in Official Cover Reveal trailer)

Another key thing to remember is we'll likely have the option in settings to include all in-game WWE entrance themes as part of the constant in-game soundtrack.

In the past, this was triggered in settings and would add entrance themes to the background music playing on shuffle in menus and loading screens.

We expect this to be back, but until the full WWE 2K22 roster is confirmed we don't know for sure which entrance themes will be available for the soundtrack.

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