WWE 2K22 silence is actually a good sign for development

WWE 2K22 news has been increasingly scarce since it was delayed, and that near radio silence may be concerning to some gamers.

However, the lack of news about WWE 2K22 could be a very positive sign of how development is going for the upcoming title.

WWE 2K22 has had near radio silence since being delayed to March 2022

WWE 2K22 was originally expected to revive the struggling series in the Fall of 2021 with a release date in October, but that plan didn't exactly pan out.

Wrestling loves to use "Card Subject to Change" to represent how nothing is set in stone, and that's definitely felt applicable to the build for WWE 2K22.

WWE 2K22 silence delay
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When the dust finally settled, we learned earlier this year that WWE 2K22 had been officially delayed to a release date in March of 2022.

While we're still missing an exact date, it's highly unlikely 2K will risk another significant delay, and as such they're surely waiting until that date draws nearer before they impose an exact date in early or late March that they'll want to stick to.

Game developer explained the lack of WWE 2K22 updates

As many seemed ready to panic or create concern over the lack of news about WWE 2K22, we got word on Twitter from game dev Patrick Gilmore about why that's been the case.

"The challenge is that creating updates like the SummerSlam trailer requires support from development, and we're trying to stay completely focused on making you the best game possible," said Gilmore.

It's a fair rebuttal, as in the end most fans are going to care much more about how the game feels upon release than whether the excitement is high enough between now and then.

Big reveals land in January, but we could get more before then

Despite some recent reports that a reveal might be planned for Survivor Series, 2K said in a direct statement that nothing is planned before January.

"Our marketing and community teams are 1000% supportive of our development focus," Gilmore had added after his earlier tweet about development. "No promises, but we're talking about ways to share more about our progress to keep you all in the loop, so you won't have to wait until next year to learn more."

While Gilmore seemed hopeful that some sort of news could drop before January, that was before 2K's later comments, and as such the plan still seems pointed towards January.

A teaser of sorts would be exciting, but a lack of news between now and January should only mean the dev team is focused, and that should translate to an even better game when WWE 2K22 finally does arrive.

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