WWE 2K22 Royal Rumble COUNTDOWN: New gameplay trailer reveal could be inbound

WWE 2K22 news has slowly rolled in since the release date confirmation and cover announcements landed, but now we're looking ahead to a potential Royal Rumble reveal.

The Royal Rumble remains one of WWE's most important events of the year, and this time they may both kick of the roads to WrestleMania and to WWE 2K22.

WWE 2K22 Royal Rumble COUNTDOWN

After months of anticipation, and an understandably frustrating delay for many fans, WWE 2K22 news finally started to roll in back on January 20, 2022.

Things kicked off with a new trailer hyping the upcoming launch and an official WWE 2K22 cover athlete reveal as we learned Rey Mysterio will be the face of the franchise this year.

However, even that exciting news and the WWE 2K22 ratings reveals since haven't covered up the desire most fans have for a proper extended look at WWE 2K22 gameplay.

WWE 2K22 countdown royal rumble trailer reveal
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With the Royal Rumble often marking a clear point as they begin to heads towards WrestleMania, and WWE 2K22 scheduled to land just a few weeks before that event, the timing seems primed for a major reveal.

The countdown below ticks away as we approach the start of the main show for the 2022 Royal Rumble event, but we don't know exactly when a reveal could land during the event.

WWE 2K22 Royal Rumble Countdown

Chances are they'll want to keep things to the main card if there is a major reveal, as it would help incentivize fans to watch the show itself.

The most likely reveal time would be later in the show, potentially a full hour or more into the broadcast, but they won't save it for all the way at the end.

Could we finally get a proper WWE 2K22 gameplay trailer?

While doing a WWE 2K22 reveal during the Royal Rumble seems likely, it's less certain exactly what they'll have in store for fans if they drop make a major announcement.

There's only one thing fans are truly clamoring for right now, and that's an extended WWE 2K22 gameplay trailer to prove the game itself works consistently.

As we dove into recently, lingering trust issues from the failure of WWE 2K20 has many fans immediately frustrated with the hype being built before a proper gameplay trailer has been released.

While the "Hit List" Feature Reveal Trailer and even the few other trailers have shown some gameplay, it's been heavily edited and never enough to truly communicate how this year's gameplay supposedly "hits different."

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