WWE 2K22 Roster: Ratings predictions for 10 huge names yet to be revealed

WWE 2K22 roster news is officially in overdrive as more and more superstars get confirmed, and that has sometimes meant the arrival of their overall ratings as well.

With some of the game's biggest names yet to be revealed, we're predicting the WWE 2K22 ratings for John Cena, The Rock, and eight other major superstars.

WWE 2K22 Ratings predictions for 10 huge roster members

We're still waiting on the full confirmed WWE 2K22 roster to be revealed, but in the interim WWE Games has been dropping ratings reveals left and right.

We've gotten some major names already with Roman Reigns currently sitting at the top of the WWE 2K22 ratings with a 95 Overall Rating while Brock Lesnar was confirmed at 94 Overall.

More of these are on the way, but there are 10 legendary superstars of the past and present that have either been confirmed by the WWE 2K Roster website or shown in trailers already.

The Rock - 93 Overall Rating

A mainstay of the series for decades, The Rock hasn't yet been announced as part of the roster by WWE Games despite being shown heavily in the trailers.

WWE 2K22 ratings roster the rock
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FINALLY: The WWE 2K franchise will return, and The Rock is coming with it

The Rock was sitting at a 93 Overall Rating last year, which put him tied for the top spot with Brock Lesnar. For WWE 2K22, we're predicting he stays at that 93 mark, though that will put him a bit further from the top this year.

John Cena - 90 Overall Rating

WWE 2K22 ratings seem to be trending upwards this year with the current top known superstar Roman Reigns being two points higher than last year's top star, and that could lend itself towards a slight boost for John Cena.

The man currently portraying Peacemaker was an 89 Overall in WWE 2K20, and that could lead to a 90 Overall Rating when he's revealed for WWE 2K22.

Edge - 90 Overall Rating

"The Rated R Superstar" was still a legend of the past when WWE 2K20 was released and put him at an 89 Overall, but that was a whole life-changing return ago.

Since arriving back in WWE, Edge has put together unforgettable performances, won the Royal Rumble, and fought for the title at WrestleMania, all leading to a likely improvement putting him at a 90 Overall Rating in WWE 2K22.

Rey Mysterio - 91 Overall Rating

We might see the biggest jump for legendary WWE 2K22 cover athlete Rey Mysterio, as he was just an 86 Overall when WWE 2K20 was released.

WWE 2K22 cover star rey mysterio
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THE FACE OF 2K22: Rey Mysterio has now been confirmed as WWE 2K22 cover star

Mysterio has continued to prove himself in the past few years, and the combination of that and his role as cover superstar could put him all the way up to a 91 Overall Rating in WWE 2K22.

Steve Austin - 92 Overall Rating

Not everything has to change, and the most likely rating to sit stagnant may end up being "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, who had a 92 Overall Rating back in WWE 2K20.

WWE 2K22 ratings are on the rise, but with so many other legends and modern-day superstars near the top of the pack, Austin could find himself back at the 92 Overall mark this year.

Shawn Michaels - 90 Overall Rating

This may be the hardest rating to predict, but that's because WWE 2K20 only had a 1997 and 2005 version of Shawn Michaels, and not a unified version like most superstars did.

His 1997 version had a 92 Overall while the 2005 version had an 88 Overall, and we're thinking they split the difference with one Shawn Michaels in WWE 2K22 at a strong 90 Overall Rating.

AJ Styles - 90 Overall Rating

While AJ Styles continues to show himself as one of the most consistent performers in WWE, he's not seen the same level of championship success in the last two years that he had closer to the launch of WWE 2K20.

As a result, we're expecting his WWE 2K20 rating of 91 Overall to actually decrease, but Styles would still be at a perfectly respectable WWE 2K22 rating of 90 Overall.

Undertaker - 92 Overall Rating

The Undertaker is taking a central focus in WWE 2K22 due to the variants offered if players choose to pre order the game, but we expect his most well-known persona to remain in addition to these alternatives.

In WWE 2K20, that core Undertaker was at an 87 Overall Rating, and based on how much focus he's being given and the fact that he's since retired from the ring, we expect them to boost Undertaker up to a powerful 92 Overall Rating.

Randy Orton - 89 Overall Rating

Randy Orton is one of the longest tenured active competitors in WWE today having consistently competed for two full decades, and he simply refuses to slow down.

Orton was put at an 88 Overall Rating back in WWE 2K20, but the slight shift in what is considered a top rating may help him see a tick upward with an 89 Overall Rating in WWE 2K22.

Seth Rollins - 90 Overall Rating

Finally, we have Seth "Freakin" Rollins who was one of the absolute best in WWE 2K20 at a 92 Overall Rating, tied with Roman Reigns and legends like Austin and Hogan.

It's be a tumultuous few years for Rollins, and he hasn't seem the same recent championship success that he was seeing back in late 2019, so we're predicting he'll be on the downswing with a 90 Overall Rating in WWE 2K22.

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