WWE 2K22 Ratings: Bobby Lashley revealed to be stronger than THREE legends

WWE 2K22 ratings will be a hot topic as launch draws near, and we've now learned about one former WWE Champion.

We've got details on the confirmed WWE 2K22 ratings for "The All Mighty" Bobby Lashley and info on the first MyFACTION card he'll receive.

Bobby Lashley WWE 2K22 Ratings Revealed

WWE 2K22 ratings tend to vary from year to year, and they're especially in flux thanks to the delayed and extended development cycle of this year's game.

Now that the hype train has officially left the station and we're learning more about WWE 2K22, that means roster and ratings reveals are on the agenda.

2K kicked things off with a surprise reveal confirming Bobby Lashley for the official in-game roster and announcing he will have a 91 OVR rating in WWE 2K22.

It's a big step up for Bobby Lashley, as this is his first WWE game since reaching the pinnacle of the company by becoming WWE Champion.

While Lashley has been in the games for years, even in WWE 2K20 he only managed an 86 OVR rating, so this is a significant 5-point increase from the last game.

We haven't learned many official WWE 2K22 ratings so far, but we know the nWo 4-Life Edition versions of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall have a 90 OVR rating while the nWo version of Syxx has an 88 OVR rating.

That puts Bobby Lashley firmly ahead of both legends, and he looks poised to be one of the highest rated superstars in WWE 2K22.

All Bobby Lashley MyFACTION Cards (so far)

The arrival of MyFACTION, a game mode heavily inspired by MyTEAM in NBA 2K22, means that Bobby Lashley and other superstars will begin to get multiple cards in the game with different ratings.

Over time, those cards are likely to be stronger as rarer and more sought out options start to become available, and we've not learned about many just yet.

WWE 2K22 ratings bobby lashley myfaction cards
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MyFACTION: Get ready to open packs and collect these unique cards

However, the first group of MyFACTION cards revealed does include Bobby Lashley, and he'll get a 72 OVR Gold card in the Superstars Series I, which is the strongest we know of so far.

Perhaps most interesting is he's rated here above Roman Reigns, who is a favorite to be the game's highest rated superstar, so there's a chance Lashley could also land above him on the main WWE 2K22 roster.

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