First WWE 2K22 ratings revealed for four MASSIVE legends

While we got some major reveals, WWE 2K22 ratings weren't something we expected to get news on this early.

Just as the details of the franchise return have been announced, we now know the WWE 2K22 ratings being given to four massive legends.

WWE 2K22 ratings revealed for all four nWo roster members

While we expected some big news to roll in as WWE 2K22 was officially confirmed along with the cover star and trailer, something we didn't plan on was ratings. WWE 2K22 ratings will be a hot topic as the game's roster starts to take shape with roster reveals, but ratings tend to come even later.

However, four different superstars have already had their WWE 2K22 ratings revealed by the official 2K website. We know there are far more members of the WWE 2K22 roster, but only six different characters are currently confirmed by 2K.

The six confirmed names by 2K include cover stars Rey Mysterio, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Syxx as well as WWE Hall of Famer Edge, and they've actually already revealed the ratings for the four nWo 4 Life Edition exclusive versions of these legends.

WWE 2K22 ratings nwo
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CONFIRMED: The official WWE 2K22 ratings can be seen here

Here are the WWE 2K22 ratings we know about so far, which can also been seen in the above image from 2K's website:

  • Hollywood Hulk Hogan (nWo 4 Life Edition) - 92 OVR Rating
  • Kevin Nash (nWo 4 Life Edition) - 90 OVR Rating
  • Scott Hall (nWo 4 Life Edition) - 90 OVR Rating
  • Syxx (nWo 4 Life Edition) - 88 OVR Rating

As of now, ratings aren't listed for Edge or Rey Mysterio, and it's unclear if these ratings were revealed early in error or if we'll start to see more trickle out in the near future.

What do these ratings tell us about the WWE 2K22 roster?

There are a few key details we can glean from this news, and perhaps the biggest is confirmation that different attires will operate as entirely different playable characters.

We've seen this in the past as well, but didn't yet know if the WWE 2K22 roster would include this. It also means ratings will vary for different versions of the same superstars.

This is also something we've seen before, as 2K tends to assign these ratings by taking into account how close a wrestler was to their peak during a given point in their career.

These four roster members being listed as "nWo 4 Life Edition" on the page, paired with the fact that pre order details state these are "alternate attires," points to the likelihood of all four having other versions of their characters in the game.

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