WWE 2K22 MyRISE Beginner's Guide: MyGM Tips, Career Mode, and unlockables

WWE 2K22 MyRISE brought a ton of different storylines, but you also might want to check out MyGM.

In order to help you get started running your own WWE 2K22 Universe, we've created a guide to what you need to know.

Our WWE 2K22 MyRISE Beginner's Guide has what you need to get things started on the right foot and have fun in each game mode.

Latest - Guide to WWE 2K22 MyGM

MyGM is one of the most fun modes in WWE 2K22 and we have a guide that will help you get the most out of it.

GM Mode began with the SmackDown vs. Raw era of the WWE gaming phase. Now, it's turned into one of the most popular modes where you can create matches, drama, and run your own world.

WWE 2K22 Beginners Guide
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ROSTER LOADOUT: Budget your roster of Superstars in Universe Mode

Building out your roster will be a lot of fun, but you have to be careful about your budget. If you can't pay a Superstar, they could ask to be let go.

To learn everything about MyGM in WWE 2K22, follow this link.

WWE 2K22 MyRISE Beginner's Guide: Top Tips for Career Mode

Before you get rolling in WWE 2K22 MyRISE, there are some important pieces of the puzzle to know about as some of the earliest decisions you make will lock in certain aspects of your character.

If you're new to the series or still getting used to the way gameplay feels in WWE 2K22, try playing as a few different superstars that have different in-ring styles to get an idea of how you like playing.

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IT'S A START: You'll kick off MyRISE in the WWE Performance Center

It's good to know if you gravitate more towards submissions, aerial moves, or powerful striking ahead of time, as your character decisions about Background and Archetype can influence key attributes.

Also, do not spend time creating your character in the Creation Suite and expect to import it into MyRISE, as that's not possible. Your MyRISE character needs to be created entirely within the MyRISE game mode, as some of the settings you'll have access to in Creation Suite are handled differently in MyRISE.

Which background should you choose in MyRISE?

The first major decision you're faced with once creating a new save will be your character's background, and you'll get to pick the MMA, Pro Athlete, Indie, or Actor backgrounds.

There are two major ways this decision will affect your game, the first being the attribute bonuses that are displayed on screen when selecting your background.

WWE 2K22 MyRISE Backgrounds
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INDEPENDENT: You can choose to follow the same path as Owens, Gulak, and more

Past that, it's also good to know that your dialogue choices and storylines can be affected by background. Other competitors will often comment on your background when speaking to you in MyRISE.

Past those few things, there isn't one specific background that really gives a distinct advantage in WWE 2K22 MyRISE, but choosing one with attribute bonuses that fit your intended fighting style can help.

Which starting class, archetype, and persona should you choose?

The next major decision will be starting class, later referred to as your archetype, and this is the biggest factor in the moveset and attributes you'll have from the start.

You can choose from Striker, Technician, Powerhouse, and High Flyer, and it's important to note that your starting weight class isn't locked in by this choice.

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PICK YOUR POISON: Your chosen class sets the template for your in-ring style

You'll next be prompted to choose a persona, but these are essentially just ways to speed up the creation process, and you can edit all the details that come along with this persona. There's no harm in choosing no persona and starting from scratch if you don't mind a longer creation process.

When you then start editing your character, one of the most important pieces to make sure you have right is body type and height, as these two things cannot be changed after initial character creation.

Height can play a role in matches, as particularly tall or short wrestlers sometimes have a harder time making contact at different ranges, but you can still excel at any size.

How to gain points for Attribute Upgrades

One of the biggest things you'll want to do early is grind some for Attribute Upgrades, as these points are the primary way to boost attributes and make your character more powerful.

The best way to ensure you're not getting too far ahead in the main story without getting upgraded first is to do as many extra side quest storylines as you possibly can, especially a one-off Challenge Match.

WWE 2K22 Attribute Points
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PROTECT THE POD: This story provides upgrade points and an attribute bonus

Social Media and Locations are the primary ways these tend to pop up, as interactions with other superstars on social media will often trigger a storyline that gives you the chance to earn upgrade points and sometimes a direct attribute bonus.

The same is true of stories found at Locations like the Pool Hall. The length of a given story can vary, as can the rewards, but grinding side missions like this is a great way to ensure you've got the overall ratings you want before a bigger moment.

How to change Alignment and turn Heel or Face

If you're hoping to stick very strictly to a particular alignment of Heel or Face, terms not used in the game but instead represented by a Green (Face) or Red (Heel) icon, it'll be a challenge.

If you want to take every possible challenge or side mission available, there's a high likelihood that you'll come out looking like The Big Show by changing alignment on an almost comically frequent basis.

WWE 2K22 MyRISE Alignment
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THE BIG TURN: Get ready to flip-flop if you don't want to pass up stories

However, these changes won't negatively impact your overall story or progress. If an opportunity to change alignment presents itself, you'll see the Red or Green icon on a dialogue choice or when accepting a challenge to start a story.

If you complete the story as planned, in our experience this has guaranteed a change in alignment, but it's possible some stories may play out differently.

If you plan to stick to an alignment, you'll often have to turn down opportunities at stories or challenges by choosing a different path, but this will not interfere with your overall story progress.

MyRISE is just one piece of the puzzle for this year's game, and we've got more on the full experience here in our WWE 2K22 review.

Unlockables Guide for MyRISE and more

While you may have spotted certain arenas or superstars in footage from other players or highlighted in the buildup to WWE 2K22 being released, some have to be unlocked within the game.

These are spread mostly between the 2K Showcase featuring Rey Mysterio and the MyRISE game mode, with several unlockables for each.

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THE CLASSIC: Head to NXT in Women's MyRISE to unlock the Mae Young Classic

When playing through both the Men's and Women's MyRISE, you'll find several stories with rewards that include new arenas or new clothing to use in the Creation Suite.

We've got more details here in our full WWE 2K22 Unlockables Guide on how to unlock every superstar, arena, and title in the game.

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