WWE 2K22 gameplay trailer's glitches worsen fears of a 2K20 repeat

Ever since it was announced and the reveals picked up last month, fans have been clamoring for WWE 2K22 gameplay footage, but the trailer left much to be desired.

With some noticing glitches even in this heavily edited WWE 2K22 gameplay trailer, fears are reigniting about a potential 2K20 repeat.

WWE 2K22 gameplay trailer filled with minor glitches

Just days ago, a new WWE 2K22 trailer leaked online, and WWE Games decided there was no reason to prevent fans from watching the full version with them instead of those that leaked it.

At first, it seemed like another exciting look, and some of the visuals and interactions showcased really do make their graphical improvements shine. Unfortunately, it wasn't all good.

It didn't take long for fans to get out their magnifying glasses and slow things down, and a handful of glitches started to become clear through this new WWE 2K22 gameplay trailer.

The most obvious, and the one that has drawn the most criticism, comes around 1:19 in the trailer. When Rhea Ripley throws Alexa Bliss to the outside through a table, the table itself starts to jittering and vibrate violently following the impact.

It doesn't last very long, but that's because the video quickly shifts to a different clip. It's possible the jittering would've ended very quickly and not had a major impact on the look and feel of that match, but without a full clip we have no way of knowing.

This once again goes back to the reality that fans desperately want to see unedited gameplay footage. WWE 2K20 left serious trust issues about whether a final product can actually deliver, and Visual Concepts has yet to convince most fans to trust them.

WWE 2K22 is being pulled down by the little things

Without a truly quality gameplay trailer, one without heavy editing so players can actually see what this year's game will play like, fans are instead left to nitpick the tiniest details.

Some of the issues spotted in the WWE 2K22 gameplay trailer are very minor, but the fact that Visual Concepts and WWE Games put together this example of their "best of the best" gameplay footage and it still has issues is not a good sign.

Approximately 27 seconds into the trailer, if you slow down the footage you can clearly see Asuka's mask jittering back and forth in her hand during her entrance.

At about 1:09, we have a brief interaction between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley. If you watch the weapon exchange closely as it transitions from one character to the other, you can see the weapon jitter and clip away from their hands temporarily.

WWE 2K22 gameplay trailer glitches
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THE DETAILS: It's hard to see without zooming in, but her feet are clipping through the stage

Another minor but noteworthy issue was actually spotted in the screenshot of Carmella used to advertise the WWE 2K22 gameplay trailer in the tweet above. Once zoomed in, you can spot that Carmella's feet are actually clipping into the stage beneath her.

In the grand scheme of things, none of these glitches or minor mistakes are bad enough to ruin WWE 2K22. With the exception of the table glitch, they're also difficult to notice unless you're looking for those tiny mistakes.

Unfortunately, that's the reality that WWE 2K22 is going to live in until Visual Concepts releases true unedited gameplay footage. WWE fans can only criticize and praise what they've seen, so WWE Games desperately needs to give them something else to talk about before the "2K20 repeat" starts to feel too real.

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