WWE 2K22 Entrance List: Every preset motion from past superstars, tag teams, and more

With the game finally here, many players are seeking a WWE 2K22 entrance list detailing all the preset entrance animations and which superstars they belong to.

We've got good news, as our WWE 2K22 entrance list has all the animations you're looking for including tag team, trio, and Money in the Bank entrances.

WWE 2K22 Entrance List (Preset Solo Motions)

After plenty of anticipation about whether this year's game would live up to the hype, WWE 2K22 has arrived and more than exceeded expectations for many.

However, one missing feature has had more and more players turn to a WWE 2K22 entrance list to have a better understanding of the game's preset generic named entrance animations.

As a result of the feature creating bugs and stability issues in the past, they've removed the Advanced Animation option in WWE 2K22.

As a result, players are no longer able to craft their entrance with various pieces like the Stage Motion of Roman Reigns and the Ring Motion of Seth Rollins.

WWE 2K22 entrance list
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ALL OR NOTHING: You can have Roman's entrance, but only if it's entirely Roman's

Instead, players will have to rely more on the game's preset WWE 2K22 entrance list, but the good news is that list is packed to the brim with stars from the past and present.

Not only do we find recently released talents like Bobby Fish (now dubbed Grizzled Fisherman) or Ruby Riott (now dubbed Crimson Rebellion) on the list, but it's also got legends or independent wrestlers that have never even been a part of WWE.

Mainstays like former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and indie veteran Chris Sabin have full entrance animations along with smaller names like Jason Cade and Shynron.

Our thanks go out to SmackDown Hotel and their preset entrance list for helping inform our own. The following list has details for the vast majority of the 200+ solo preset entrance motions in WWE 2K22, but there are still a few that remain unknown at this point.

Without further ado, here's the full WWE 2K22 entrance list and which superstar inspired each preset:

Click on Entrance Name then select Superstar in the dropdown below to search this full list by wrestler name.

Entrance Name
All Hail
Chris Sabin
All Red Everything
Eva Marie
Alpha Omega
Kenny Omega
American Dream
Dusty Rhodes
B Teamster 1
Curtis Axel (B Team)
B Teamster 2
Bo Dallas (B Team)
Bad Attitude
Jason Cade
The Banker
Mr. Mackelroy (Southpaw Tyler Breeze)
Bayamon's Finest
Jay Cruz
Beast From The East
Bam Bam Bigelow
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There are also dozens of alternate animations for existing in-game superstars like Big E and Robert Roode that are from different eras in their career.

Champion Entrance List (Preset Title Motions)

There are also a handful of presets to be used when your character comes to the ring as a champion, though the vast majority of Title Motions are named for actual characters currently in the game.

Here's the WWE 2K22 entrance list for Preset Title Motions:

Entrance Name
Gold Medalist Champion
Kurt Angle
Knight Rider Champion
Rowdy Rebel Champion
Ronda Rousey
Sky Pirate Champion
Kairi Sane
World's Strongest Champion
Mark Henry

There are still a few Generic Champion entries that haven't yet been identified, but they could belong to known superstars or legends.

Money in the Bank Entrance List (Preset MITB Motions)

With the addition of the Money in the Bank briefcase to the game, that means we've also got a few entrance animations with that item in tow.

Here's the WWE 2K22 entrance list for Preset MITB Motions:

Entrance Name
Generic MITB Motion 7
Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley)
The Yes Movement MITB Motion
Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson)

There are still several Generic MITB Motion listings that haven't been identified, though it's possible some of these were created without a specific superstar in mind.

Tag Team Entrance List (Preset Tag Team Motions)

When creating a Tag Team in WWE 2K22 as part of the core roster, you can also create a Tag Team Entrance for that duo, and fortunately many great tag entrances of the past have been kept in the game.

Here's the WWE 2K22 entrance list for Preset Tag Team Motions:

Click on Entrance Name then select Superstar in the dropdown below to search this full list by wrestler or tag team name.

Entrance Name
Tag Team
All Night
Kenny King & Rhett Titus
Aussie Aggression
TM-61 (The Might Don't Kneel / TMDK)
Banker & The Creature 1
Mr. Mackelroy (Southpaw Tyler Breeze) & Sea Creature
Brothers Of Hardcore
The Dudley Boyz (D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley)
Bulgarian Brute
Rusev & Lana (Miro & CJ Perry)
The Bull Fighters
Los Matadores (Primo & Epico)
The Club
Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (Bullet Club)
Cyber Link Up
CyberNaomi & Daemon_Deville
Diamond In The Rough
DDP & Cactus Jack
The Dream Team
Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine
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There are a few Generic Tag and Mix Tag animations that remain unidentified as well, each of which could belong to an existing duo.

Trio Entrance List (Preset Trios Motions)

Finally, there are just a few animations built in to WWE 2K22 for groups of three superstars (or sometimes four).

Here's the WWE 2K22 entrance list for Preset Trio Motions:

Entrance Name
Superstars or Group
Generic Stable 1
Generic 4-Man Entrance Animation
Generic Stable 2
Generic 4-Man Entrance Animation
Generic Trio 1
The Fabulous Freebirds
Generic Trio 2
Generic Trio 4
AJ Styles, Finn Balor, and Partner (WWE 2K19 MyCAREER)
Painful Literature 2
Authors of Pain with Paul Ellering

That finally concludes our list, but it's important to note that WWE 2K22 will have several DLC packs arriving in the coming months.

With NXT 2.0 and some legends on the docket for those, it's possible some extra entrance animations could find their way into WWE 2K22 in that DLC.

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