Will WWE 2K22 have GM Mode?

WWE 2K22 would have theoretically been arriving any day now, but significant delays means we're still months away from the game's arrival.

One of the most anticipated details is whether WWE 2K22 will actually bring back the fan-favorite GM Mode, and here's everything we know so far.

Will WWE 2K22 have GM Mode?

While nothing is confirmed so far, we're continuing to get more and more indications that WWE 2K22 will actually have GM Mode when it arrives.

The current expected release date for WWE 2K22 will be in March 2022, though we haven't been given an exact day just yet.

There have been plenty of rumors in recent months that GM Mode was in talk for being in WWE 2K22, but now we're finally hearing it could really be happening.

According to video game data analyst Millie Amand, WWE 2K22 is absolutely getting a GM Mode, as outlined in her tweet below:

While the reporting by Amand seems definitive, plenty of things could change with five months to go until the launch of WWE 2K22.

Amand stated the reveal could arrive at Survivor Series just next month, but it could always be held off until WWE Royal Rumble 2022.

It wouldn't be surprising if they waited for the Royal Rumble, as 2K had stated when the delay happened that more information would be revealed in January of 2022.

How will GM Mode compare to what it was before?

While we're now getting indications that GM Mode could indeed be in WWE 2K22, very little is known about what it will actually look like.

Perhaps the biggest lingering question is whether money management will be a factor, as that aspect of the prior GM Mode is much of why fans so enjoyed the process.

You couldn't simply stack your roster with the best ever, you have to decide who was worth a higher contract and who wasn't valuable enough to keep around.

You even had to spend some of your GM cash flow on more expensive segments like big matches or advertising, all of which played into the larger success of the game mode.

WWE 2K22 GM Mode
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NEGOTIATION TIME: Contract values were a key part of GM Mode

While the phrasing of "Manager mode" isn't exact, the rest of Amand's tweet does lend itself to this being about the return of GM Mode and not a rehash of Universe Mode.

Universe Mode has existed in the WWE 2K series for several years, and while it allows you to control rosters and book shows, it's been missing the challenges and cash mechanics that carried GM Mode to cult favorite status.

We'll just have to wait and see what WWE 2K22 tries to bring to the table and whether it truly is the return of GM Mode.

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