How to Pin in AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever Pinfall

AEW Fight Forever Pinfall

AEW Fight Forever has finally arrived, with this brand-new game ushering in a new era for THQ Nordic and the wrestling community.

If you were expecting a game similar to that seen in the WWE 2K series, it's time to alter those expectations.

Instead, AEW Fight Forever is unlike anything else and its control system will take some time to get to grips with.

With that in mind, we want to teach you some of the basics and tell you how you can pin your opponent in AEW Fight Forever.

How to pin in AEW Fight Forever

Arguably the most important thing to know in any wrestling game, pinfall is the most common way in which a match will end.

Unless playing gimmick matches like ladder matches, pinning your opponent is key in securing any victory in AEW Fight Forever.

In order to pin your opponent, you simply need to press L1 on PS5 or LB on Xbox.

AEW Fight Forever
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DEAL THE DAMAGE - Using a finishing move before pinning is a great way to earn the victory

Pressing this button will trigger a pinfall and - if you've dealt enough damage - earn you the victory.

Before pinning an opponent, it's important to work their health bar to a low point, otherwise, they will kick out and the match will resume.

One way to ensure a big finish is by using your chosen wrestler's finishing move. In order to do this, simply move the right stick up or down (same applies for PS5 and Xbox).

Escaping Pinfalls and Submissions

We've shown you how to pin and submit your opponent, now we're going to tell you how to kick out and escape a deadly submission hold.

AEW Fight Forever Pinfall
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OUT FOR THE COUNT - You'll need to deal big damage before ending the match

Quite simply, it's all about button mashing. On PS5, simply mash any of the main buttons (X, Square, Triangle, Circle), with the same applying to Xbox (A, B, X, Y) players.

With no skill game involved, it's key that you always keep an eye on your health bar and do your best to avoid critical damage.

AEW Fight Forever Controls Guide

AEW Fight Forever's gameplay is a true throwback to classic wrestling games and, for those who experienced those classic titles, picking up the controls for this new release shouldn't be too hard.

Having said that, there are still plenty of confusing points that need addressing.

AEW Fight Forever training
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LEARN THE ROPES - The training centre will help hone your skills

If you're a little confused as to how the controls work in AEW Fight Forever, we'd recommend heading into the training mode available in the main menu.

This training section will allow you to hone your skills and learn some of the new controls against an AI opponent that won't fight back.

For an even better experience, set this controls guide next to you whilst training in order to experience the ultimate way to boost your skills.

Click here to read our full controls guide for AEW Fight Forever.

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