Can WWE 2K23 be played offline?

WWE 2K23 Breakker

WWE 2K23 Breakker

WWE 2K23 is finally here, with this year's game taking everything to the next level.

With the gaming landscape shifting plenty in recent years, a lot of sports games are turning their attention to the benefits of online play.

Whilst WWE 2K23 does offer some online modes, most of the game can still be enjoyed without the internet.

Check below for full details of every offline mode you can use in WWE 2K23.

Can WWE 2K23 be played offline?

The short answer is yes.

WWE 2K23 has an array of offline modes that can be enjoyed in single-player.

Whilst modes like MyFACTION require an internet connection, pretty much everything else in the game is for grabs for those without online capabilities.

Note: you will also need an internet connection to download and upload any community creations/creations made in the creation suite.

Offline Modes

The WWE 2K23 Showcase can be enjoyed without any internet connection.

WWE 2K23 John Cena
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THE TIME IS NOW - John Cena stars in WWE 2K23's Showcase Mode

The main twist of Showcase Mode this year is that it allows you to take control of Cena's opponents, meaning you can alter the course of WWE history.

Showcase mode in WWE 2K23 will also take on a more documentary-style feel, with Cena's charismatic narrations carrying you through some of his most iconic moments.

Universe Mode, MyGM and MyRISE can also be enjoyed offline, with these modes offering an immersive single-player experience.

The WWE 2K23 Creation Suite is back in all its glory this year. It has long been arguably the best community tool in all of gaming and it is no different this year.

CM Punk made using WWE 2K23 creation suite
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IT'S CLOBBERING TIME - Talented creators have already made CM Punk

There are more than 600 new items in the Creation Suite this year, letting you create a fresh vibe for superstars. There are also advanced custom entrances, finally letting your created wrestlers feel real.

Whilst you may not be able to upload your creations without an internet connection, you can still bring all of that customisation to your own mode.

Full list of offline modes:

  • Universe Mode
  • MyGM
  • MyRISE
  • Creation Suite
  • John Cena Showcase

FULL Review

We've just released our full review for WWE 2K23 and we're delighted to confirm that this year's game is one of the best we've ever seen.

From gameplay to Superstar design, WWE 2K23 is truly one of the greatest wrestling games ever released.

WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns Bloodline
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ON TOP OF THE WORLD - WWE 2K23 is one of the best wrestling games ever

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