AEW Fight Forever to get frequent roster updates, no annual release

AEW Fight Forever may end up looking very different than most annual sports titles according to the latest news.

Here's everything we know so far about frequent roster updates and how AEW Fight Forever will look after launch.

AEW Fight Forever not expected to be an annual release

While the key reveal of an exact AEW Fight Forever release date has yet to arrive, we have learned some very important details about the upcoming title.

Recently, Fightful Select was able to speak to AEW competitor Evil Uno at Wrestlecade about AEW Fight Forever.

Evil Uno has been deeply involved with the development of the game and handled some of the earlier reveals on the AEW Games channels.

According to Fightful Select, "Uno said that he is of the belief that the AEW Fight Forever game will be a single release that will constantly evolve over time."

AEW Fight Forever
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THE ICON: Sting is just one of the legends joining AEW Fight Forever

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This would be a major change compared to the primary competition in WWE 2K22 (and the upcoming WWE 2K23) which follow the mainstream annual release model.

Most top sports simulation franchises like WWE 2K, Madden, NBA 2K, MLB The Show, and even smaller titles like Out of the Park Baseball drop a new release each year.

While this isn't a perfectly set in stone statement by Evil Uno, he did further explain that naming it "AEW Fight Forever" was part of this goal.

AEW Fight Forever roster updates expected long-term

Rather than trying to rebuild the game each year with different features and score another full-game profit, AEW Fight Forever plans to invest in update gvbs.

The biggest way this will happen is with frequent AEW Fight Forever roster updates, as they plan to grow the roster this way rather than waiting for a next-up annual re-release.

The previously reported AEW Fight Forever roster size of approximately 50 stars was reaffirmed by Evil Uno, and it's also been confirmed that Danhausen will unfortunately not make the launch roster.

AEW Fight Forever
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NEW CONTENT: Updates could go even further than roster additions

His arrival in AEW came a bit too late for the development cycle, but he could be in one of the first major roster update releases.

One key detail about these updates that hasn't been confirmed is how many will be free downloadable roster updates versus paid DLC.

We will hopefully learn more about that once the AEW Fight Forever release date is formally announced the build towards launch begins.

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