AEW Fight Forever creation suite may have a fraction of what WWE 2K22 offers

AEW Fight Forever is quietly on its way to offering a wrestling alternative to WWE 2K22, but they may fall well short in some areas.

We've got the latest from a new report revealing just how simple the AEW Fight Forever creation suite may be compared to WWE 2K22.

AEW Fight Forever creation suite will reportedly be very limited

Despite reports of struggle, AEW Fight Forever development cracks on with high hopes among many for what the game could be when it arrives.

However, a new report by Mike Straw of SGO reveals that their creation suite may be severely limited compared to what many fans are expecting.

So far, there isn't expected to be any expansive options like the ability to create championships or arenas, but even the wrestler creation may be limited.

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STAND BACK: This level of creation detail likely won't be in AEW Fight Forever

Straw reported that the limited movesets available were described as "akin to an early 2000s wrestling game" with overall wrestler customization also being simplified.

However, behind the scenes they're still positive with the belief that good gameplay will carry the weight and have emphasized "the expectations were set when games like No Mercy and Here Comes The Pain were said as inspiration," as those had good gameplay but limited customization.

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WWE 2K22 looks to remain the creations juggernaut in wrestling gaming

If you're looking to make something unique and special, right now all signs point to WWE 2K22 remaining the only real option.

The eventual release of WWE 2K23 is expected to use the majority of the framework laid out in WWE 2K22 with some further refinement.

As a result, anyone who appreciates the Community Creations aspect of WWE 2K22 won't find a replacement for that in AEW Fight Forever.

For those struggling with Community Creations due to ongoing bugs and glitches, at this point it seems the only recourse is to hope another WWE 2K22 update arrives soon.

Visual Concepts has been going strong this year with frequent updates to address ongoing issues with WWE 2K22 that have become clear since launch.

Unfortunately, that's left things still up in the air as some users are able to crack on without issue while others are still facing game-breaking glitches that make parts of the Creation Suite unusable.

While AEW Fight Forever looks to be missing anywhere near the quantity of options found in WWE 2K22, hopes are high that what it does have runs smoothly and without issue.

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