WoW Dragonflight Dragonriding: Everything we know so far

World of Warcraft's upcoming new expansion, Dragonflight, is set to bring on tons of new content for players to enjoy.

These include features such as the new race, the Dracthyr, and its new unique class, the Evoker, a revamped Talent System, and more. However, one other new feature has already captivated the minds of players—Dragonriding.

Dragonriding will introduce an alternate flight mechanic to World of Warcraft where players must pilot their mounts more actively rather than simply using movement keys.

Here’s what we know about Dragonriding so far.

WoW Dragonflight introduces Dragonriding

Along with all of the big new features coming in WoW Dragonflight, Blizzard is introducing a new feature that will solely be available in the Dragon Isles, and will revamp flying as we know it in World of Warcraft.

WoW Dragonflight Dragonriding: What we know so far & gameplay footage - WoW Dragonflight Dragonriding gameplay still
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
FLY HIGH: Players will be able to soar through the Dragon Isles' with Dragonriding

So how does Dragonriding work?

With Dragonriding, players will be able to traverse through Dragon Isles’ six new zones: The Waking Shores, Ohn’ahran Plains, The Azure Span, Thaldraszus, and the Forbidden Reach with a new more active form of flying.

Players will master the art of Dragonriding, allowing them to take on the game’s new form of aerial movement. They’ll have complete control of their dragon while riding it, as they can begin to master the skies, keeping themselves and their Drake in the air, while risking being knocked off by enemies.

The more players experience Dragonriding the more attuned to it they’ll be. This means that like any skill in WoW, players can increase their Dragonriding skill, learn new maneuvers, and more. Once at max level, they’ll be able to continue to improve their newfound skill by hunting down ancient glyphs and improving their Dragonriding skill tree.

“[Dragonriding] is very fast and fluid, it's arcadey,” said Lead Game Designer on WoW, Jeremy Feasel in an interview with Ausgamers. “You press the spacebar and you do a giant takeoff. And then the whole mini-game is that you've got height and speed and you have to try to figure out how to get as far as possible before you land again. And it should feel like you're swooping and diving through these landscapes.”

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Dragon Customization

This new system being introduced in Dragonflight will also allow players to be highly customizable with it.

Similar to Artifact Weapons in Legion, as players make their way through the Dragon Isles they’ll discover new cosmetic options that will allow them to jazz up their drake’s appearances.

WoW Dragonflight Dragonriding: What we know so far & gameplay footage - Dragonriding Drake
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
VARYING: Dragonriding drakes will be highly customizable

These include snoots, horns, tails, drake armor, and more that will be available. If you’d look to look at some of the options, Blizzard has allowed players to play around with four drakes that all have different customizations. For that, visit the official Dragonflight website here.

As of right now, information on customization options is scarce, but once more comes out we’ll update this article accordingly.

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Dragonriding Gameplay

Similar to other information regarding Dragonriding, gameplay footage of the new feature is scarce.

So far, outside of the Blizzard revealed deep dives and trailers, there isn’t much to show gameplay footage-wise for Dragonriding.

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