WoW Dragonflight Beta: Release Date, How to Sign Up, Gameplay Details

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World of Warcraft's ninth expansion, Dragonflight, will usher in a new age, one where Azeroth's heroes will return to their home after defeating The Jailer in the Shadowlands and visit an age-old section of Azeroth that was seemingly forgotten.

Like every new expansion, it's set to bring tons of new features and will be a fresh air for the World of Warcraft franchise. And before it officially arrives, players will have the chance to try it out in the upcoming WoW Dragonflight Alpha and Beta periods.

With that, here's everything we know about the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Beta, including when to expect its release date, how to sign up, and more.

LATEST - Dragonflight Beta is live!

Spotted by content creators and players, Blizzard Entertainment has officially swapped Dragonflight's Alpha testing over to the Beta.

This means that now, players will be able to keep testing WoW's newest expansion, delving even deeper into its new features and content.

Read below on how to sign up for it.

Release Date

Thanks to the Alpha swapping over to the Beta, the Dragonflight Beta is officially live.

As of right now, WoW Dragonflight still remains no official release date, however, based on the shop for the expansion's pre-order information, Dragonflight will be released on or before December 31, 2022.

This Beta will give players a couple of more months of playtesting before the expansion goes live.

How to Sign Up

If you want to take part in the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight beta, you'll need to request access. This is possible now via the World of Warcraft website.

All you need to do is click on the "Beta Opt-In" button and it'll direct you to the bottom of the website, where you'll click again.

Once that's done a "Thanks for signing up" message will appear in green words, confirming that you've opted in to the WoW Dragonflight beta.

What to Expect from the WoW Dragonflight Beta

The expansion is set to bring on tons of new features for WoW players to enjoy.

It'll be the first expansion since Mists of Pandaria to have a completely new race, the Dracthyr.

Dracthyr are a dragon-humanoid race that, similar to Pandaren, will not have a default faction, giving players the choice to pick between Horde or Alliance.

WoW Dragonflight Beta: Release Date, How to Sign Up, Gameplay Details - Dracthyr
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
BRAND NEW: The Dracthyr are a whole new type of race in World of Warcraft

The race will also be the first in the game to only be available with one class, the Evoker. It's the latest hero class to join the game since Demon Hunters back in Legion. Additionally, just like Death Knights, it'll start at level 58, and have its own unique start, and questline for players to play through.

This will take place in the new zone, the Dragon Isles, which will not only be home to Dracthyr Evokers to level up but will also be the new continent for players to progress through.

WoW Dragonflight Beta: Release Date, How to Sign Up, Gameplay Details - Dragon Isles
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
UNCOVERED: The Dragon Isles have been brought to light in Azeroth once again

Finally, the expansion is also set to introduce two major gameplay changes: the return of talent trees and a big UI update.

WoW will see the return of the old talent system that was last used prior to Cataclysm's release in 2010. It'll also be updated, giving players more choices, some of them including past abilities and spells from previous expansions' borrowed powers.

The new UI update will give players better control over various sections of their interface to match the power of many popular addons, making them baseline.

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