WoW Classic WotLK Consumables Guide - Best Flasks, Elixirs, Potions, Foods & more

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WotLK Classic Consumables Guide - WoW Classic WotLK Dalaran

WoW Classic Wrath of the Lich King has arrived, and in the ongoing fight against the Lich King, consumables are an important way to give your character an extra edge.

From flasks and elixirs to potions and food, all of these consumables can play a major role in your success in Northrend.

With that in mind, here's a guide on WoW Classic WotLK's consumables, including flasks, elixirs, potions, foods, and more.

WoW Classic WotLK Food Buffs

Food buffs are some of the most basic character enhancers in the game. Not only are there plenty of them, practically one for every class and spec, but they also grant an extra boost of Stamina.

WoW Classic WotLK Consumables Guide: Flasks, Elixirs, Potions, Foods & more - Great Feast WoW Classic WotLK
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
FOOD BUFF BENEFITS: Food provides strong buffs

There are several ways players can go about getting their food buffs be it by consuming a group-wide feast or by eating their own personal food.

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Feast Food Buffs

Although not as strong as personal food, the buffs that come from feast certainly have their own strengths as they are the perfect substitute for when players don't have their own food.

Essentially, they are your last resort food buff when you've run out of your main option.

  • Great Feast - +60 Attack Power, +35 Spell Power, +30 Stamina

Personal Food Buffs

Coming in as your main choice when it comes to food buffs, personal food buffs provide a major increase in secondary stats.

They are your main choice when it comes to food buffs.

  • Mega Mammoth Meal - +80 Attack Power, +40 Stamina
  • Tender Shoveltusk Steak - +46 Spell Power, +40 Stamina
  • Spiced Worm Burger - +40 Critical Strike Rating, +40 Stamina
  • Very Burnt Worg - +40 Haste Rating, +40 Stamina
  • Mighty Rhino Dogs - +40 Stamina

If you can't gain access to these, here are cheaper alternatives.

  • Mammoth Meal - +60 Attack Power, +30 Stamina
  • Shoveltusk Steak - +35 Spell Power, +30 Stamina
  • Worm Delight - +30 Critical Strike Rating, +30 Stamina
  • Roasted Worg - +30 Haste Rating, +30 Stamina
  • Rhino Dogs - +30 Stamina

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WoW Classic WotLK Flasks

Flasks are the heavy hitters of consumables as not only are they unique but they also provide a significant increase of specific stats crucial to performance.

WoW Classic WotLK Consumables Guide: Flasks, Elixirs, Potions, Foods & more - ICC Boss Wotlk WOW
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
FLASK UP: Flasks are beneficial for raid boss encounters

They are bar none the best option when it comes to getting a stat increase.

  • Flask of Endless Rage - +180 Attack Power
  • Flask of the Frost Wyrm - +125 Spell Power
  • Flask of Pure Mojo - Increases mana regeneration by 45 mana per 5 seconds
  • Flask of Stoneblood - +1300 Maximum Health
  • Lesser Flask of Toughness - +50 Resilience Rating

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WoW Classic WotLK Elixirs

When you can't quite afford flasks or are looking for another type of buff, elixirs can fill that gap.

They come in all different shapes and sizes and, like food, look to give a wider variety of secondary stats.

  • Wrath Elixir - +90 Attack Power
  • Spellpower Elixir - +58 Spell Power
  • Guru's Elixir - +20 All Stats
  • Elixir of Mighty Strength - +50 Strength
  • Elixir of Mighty Thoughts - +45 Intellect
  • Elixir of Mighty Agility - +45 Agility
  • Elixir of Mighty Fortitude - Increases maximum health by 350 and restores 20 health every 5 seconds
  • Elixir of Mighty Mageblood - Regenerate 20 mana per 5 seconds
  • Elixir of Mighty Defense - +45 Defense Rating
  • Elixir of Spirit - +50 Spirit
  • Elixir of Protection - +800 Armor
  • Elixir of Accuracy - +45 Hit Rating
  • Elixir of Deadly Strikes - +45 Critical Rating
  • Elixir of Expertise - +45 Expertise Rating
  • Elixir of Armor Piercing - +45 Armor Penetration
  • Elixir of Lightning Speed - +45 Haste Rating

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WoW Classic WotLK Potions


Potions are a different take on consumable buffs as they throw away an increase to stats for a long period of time in exchange for a bigger one in a smaller window. Additionally, they provide benefits that the other consumables cannot.

  • Runic Healing Potion - Restores 2700 to 4500 health
  • Runic Mana Potion - Restores 4200 to 4400 mana
  • Powerful Rejuvenation Potion - 2475 to 4125 mana and health
  • Potion of Nightmares - Restores 5400 health and mana but leaves character immobile
  • Indestructible Potion - Increases Armor by 35000 for 2 min
  • Potion of Speed - +500 Haste Rating for 15 seconds
  • Potion of Wild Magic - +200 Critical Rating, +200 Spell Power for 15 seconds

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