When does Winds of Wisdom end in World of Warcraft?

In preparation for World of Warcraft's next expansion, Dragonflight, the developers over at Blizzard Entertainment decided to give players a buff that increased experience gains from all sources by 50 percent.

Titled "Winds of Wisdom," the buff affected anything from quests to dungeons and everything in-between making it reward more experience than normal in order to help players level up their alts, or even get brand-new mains prepped and ready in time for the newest expansion.

This type of buff was already given out to players a few months prior, however, now that it's back—and it recently went live as of Tuesday, October 4—the next question you'll have on your mind is... When does the Winds of Wisdom buff end in World of Warcraft?

When does Winds of Wisdom end in World of Warcraft?

In short, as opposed to the Joyous Journeys buff in World of Warcraft: Classic which ended as soon as the Wrath of the Lich King expansion launched, will end once the new Dragonflight race, the Dracthyr, and its race-specific class, the Evoker, becomes playable during Dragonflight's pre-patch.

As for when the pre-patch launches, there's still no concrete information. However, going by previous launches of pre-patches prior to their corresponding expansion releasing, we can expect that to be on Tuesday, October 25, 2022.

This date is further confirmed by looking at leaks that surfaced a month ago, which revealed release dates for several Blizzard titles. These were the Wrath of the Lich King Classic and its pre-patch, and the official Dragonflight release date—they all turned out to be correct.

That means that around the end of October, a month before Dragonflight's November 28, 2022, release players can expect the Winds of Wisdom XP buff to end. This means that player won't get to use it to level up their Dracthyr Evokers prior to Dragonflight going live.

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