WoW Dragonflight Trading Posts - how to use, locations, rewards & more

WoW Dragonflight Trading Post

WoW Dragonflight Trading Post

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has brought tons of new activities and content for players to explore. Not looking to stop anytime soon, the developers at Blizzard Entertainment plan to add more to that with future content patches all throughout 2023, starting with the 10.0.5 update.

Headlining World of Warcraft: Dragonflight's 10.0.5 patch is one of the game's newest and most unique features—the Trading Post. A place where all of World of Warcraft's cosmetic collectors can reign supreme, collecting all sorts of goodies such as mounts, toys, transmog, and more.

That being said, here's everything you need to know about Trading Posts in WoW Dragonflight, including how to use them, where they're located, the rewards they give, and more.

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What are Trading Posts in WoW Dragonflight?

Coming in as one of WoW Dragonflight's latest features, Trading Posts are stores where players can go to purchase all sorts of cosmetic items.

Trading Posts WoW Dragonflight
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
COSMETICS GALORE: Trading Posts offer players tons of new in-game goodies

Utilizing a special account-wide currency, Trader's Tender, players can buy a multitude of interesting transmog, pets, mounts, and more. Trading Posts will serve as the home for all sorts of items and won't be limited to currency game content.

The cosmetic items in the Trading Post rotate on a monthly basis.

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How to use Trading Posts in WoW Dragonflight

In order for players to obtain items from Trading Posts, players will need to acquire the aforementioned Trader's Tender currency.

Trading Post WoW Dragonflight
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
PURCHASE ANYTHING: Players can buy cosmetics with Trader’s Tender

Players can get Trader's Tender via two methods:

  • Just by logging in and heading to the Trading Post, players can collect 500 Trader’s Tender every month from a chest called the Collector’s Cache.
  • Completing a monthly set of activities in the Traveler's Log
    • These activities include anything from completing dungeons and quests to Trading Post-specific tasks

It's worth noting that, like the items being offered, the activities in the Traveler's Log also rotate on a monthly basis. Additionally, players who don't have an active subscription will still earn their monthly Trader's Tender. Once they log back on, they can visit the Collector's Cache as normal.

Where are the Trading Posts located?

Players can find Trading Posts in their corresponding factions' capital cities—Stormwind for Alliance, and Orgrimmar for Horde.

Over in Stormwind, Tawny and Wilder have set Trading Post set up just outside the Mage District. On Ogrimmar's side, Zen'shiri awaits Horde players next to Grommash Hold.

All players have to do is visit their faction's capital city and make their way to their Trading Post.

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Trading Posts Rewards - A Monthly Rotation

As mentioned previously, the rewards in Trading Posts rotate on a monthly basis.

On the first of the month, the traders in their respective Trading Posts will obtain new items, alongside updating the activities in the Traveler’s Log for the new month.

The Trading Post includes all sorts of cosmetics—including cosmetics from promotions that are no longer available as well as items normally available for cash purchase on the in-game store. At the Trading Post, players can get mounts, transmog, toys, pets, and more. Items that are rotated out of their inventory won’t be gone forever as they will make their way back into the inventory in future months.

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