All of the Affixes in WoW Dragonflight

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The Nokhud Offensive WoW Dragonflight

The launch of World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Dragonflight, ushered in new dungeons, which meant that a brand-new Mythic+ rotation was added, topped off with Mythic+ affixes.

First off, will be Dragonflight Season 1. In this season players get to experience a brand-new Mythic+ dungeon rotation, one that takes four dungeons from Dragonflight and four from previous expansions, namely Legion, Warlords of Draenor, and Mists of Pandaria. Within all of these dungeons, players will have to deal with several affixes depending on the Keystone level. This also includes the seasonal affix.

If you're wondering what these affixes are, we've got you covered. Here are all of the Affixes in WoW Dragonflight.

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All of the Affixes in WoW Dragonflight

For Dragonflight Season 1, players can expect most of the older, and well-known affixes as well as the season's seasonal affix, Thundering.

Ruby Life Pools WoW Dragonflight
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
CHOOSE YOUR DIFFICULTY: The higher the key level, the more affixes get added

Here's a rundown of all of the affixes in WoW Dragonflight which will segment by key level. Affix 1 is only for level 2 keys or higher, affix 2 is for level 4 keys or higher, and affix 3 is for level 7 keys or higher. Lastly, will be Thundering, which only appears in keys that are level 10 and above.

Affix 1 - 2+

  • Fortified - Non-boss enemies have 20% more health and inflict up to 30% increased damage.
  • Tyrannical - Bosses have 30% more health. Bosses and their minions inflict up to 15% increased damage.

Affix 2 - 4+

  • Bolstering - When any non-boss enemy dies, its death cry empowers nearby allies, temporarily increasing their maximum health by 15% and damage by 20%.
  • Bursting - When slain, non-boss enemies explode, causing all players to suffer damage over 4 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Raging - Non-boss enemies enrage at 30% health remaining, dealing 50% increased damage until defeated.
  • Sanguine - When slain, non-boss enemies leave behind a lingering pool of ichor that heals their allies and damages players.
  • Spiteful - Fiends rise from the corpses of non-boss enemies and pursue random players.

Affix 3 - 7+

  • Explosive - While in combat, enemies periodically summon Explosive Orbs that will detonate if not destroyed.
  • Grievous - Injured players suffer increasing damage over time until healed.
  • Quaking - Periodically, all players emit a shockwave, inflicting damage and interrupting nearby allies.
  • Storming - While in combat, enemies periodically summon damaging whirlwinds.

Affix 4 - 10+ (Seasonal)

  • Thundering - Enemies have 5% more health. While in combat, players are periodically overcharged with primal power from Raszageth's unending storm. This power comes with great risk, and failure to discharge it quickly can have stunning consequences.

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