How to get the Storm-Battered Reagent Bag in WoW Dragonflight

Storm-Battered Reagent Bag WoW Dragonflight

Storm-Battered Reagent Bag WoW Dragonflight

With the release of phase two of Dragonflight's pre-patch, World of Warcraft players can get their hands on the game's first reagent bag, the Storm-Battered Reagent Bag.

World of Warcraft's next expansion Dragonflight brings with it tons of new content and features. Amidst that is something completely new to the MMORPG, reagent bags. Serving as an addition to the five original bag slots, players now have a sixth slot for reagent bags that specifically carry crafting materials.

The first reagent bag in the game, the Storm-Battered Reagent Bag, can be obtained prior to Dragonflight's official release.

Here's how to get the Storm-Battered Reagent Bag in WoW Dragonflight.

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How to get the Storm-Battered Reagent Bag in WoW Dragonflight

Players can get the Storm-Battered Reagent Bag by participating in the Primal Storms (Tempest Unleashed) pre-patch event. The bag is purchased with Primeval Essence, the event's special currency.

torm-Battered Reagent Bag WoW Dragonflight
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EXTRA BAG: Dragonflight adds a sixth bag, a reagent bag

The reagent bag can be purchased for 5 Primeval Essence from the event vendors for each respective faction: Storm Hunter William (Alliance) and Storm Huntress Suhrakka (Horde).

Here's where players can find them.

  • Alliance players can go to Storm Hunter William by the docks that lead to Boralus in Stormwind
  • Horde players can go to Storm Huntress Suhrakka by the zeppelin tower in Bladefast Bay in Durotar

In order to get Primeval Essence, players can take down mobs and bosses during the elemental invasions. Players can quickly pick up 5 or more Primeval Essence by engaging Primalist enemies just once.

The Storm-Battered Reagent Bag is currently the only reagent bag in World of Warcraft, however, that will change once Dragonflight releases on Monday, November 28, 2022.

Once the expansion launches, players can expect to find reagent bags as rewards or drops, and if not satisfied with the amount of slots, Tailors can make some as well.

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