WoW Dragonflight Primal Storms Pre Patch Event: Release Date, Content, Rewards & More

Dragonflight Pre Patch Event

Dragonflight Pre Patch Event

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Yet another expansion, Dragonflight, is making its way to World of Warcraft. But before we can get there, we'll go through its pre-patch event, Primal Storms.

Like any other event that goes live prior to a new expansion's arrival, Primal Storms will serve as a way to get players acclimated to some of the new content and features arriving in the next expansion. In this case, players will get to play with the revamped Talent System, try their hands at the new Dracthyr race and its race-specific class, the Evoker, earn some catch-up gear, and plenty more.

That being said, here's what to expect from the WoW Dragonflight Primal Storms pre-patch event, including its release date, content, and rewards.

WoW Dragonflight Primal Storms Pre-Patch Event Release Date

The WoW Dragonflight pre patch finally has an official release date of October 25, 2022.

The Primal Storms event, however, is expected in Phase 2 of the pre patch, launching on November 15, 2022.

For more information on the pre patch and its launch schedule (which will be split into phases), read all about it here.

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WoW Dragonflight Primal Storms Pre-Patch Event Content

During the Primal Storms event, hordes of Primalist mobs will invade specific zones across Azeroth. They will spawn in certain areas that will be marked on the minimap, similar to other past pre-patch events, with a mini-event occurring approximately every 30 minutes.

An Elemental Lord will spawn during this mini-event and it, alongside other mobs nearby, will become imbued with the invading element, subsequently dropping the event's currency, Primeval Essence.

In order to kill the Elemental Lord, players will have to bog down a shield which can be done by taking down 100 imbued mobs surrounding the area. Once the shield is gone, the Elemental Lord can be killed for Primeval Essences.

Here are the locations across Azeroth in which the invasions will occur.

  • Earth Invasions - Northern Barrens
  • Fire Invasions - Tirifal Glades
  • Storm Invasions - Un'Goro Crater
  • Water Invasions - Badlands

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WoW Dragonflight Primal Storms Pre-Patch Event Rewards

With a new pre-patch event comes tons of rewards and for Primal Storms, players can expect plenty of them.

Primal Storms Feat of Strength

To kick off, any player participating in the Primal Storms pre-patch event will be awarded an "Against the Elementals" Feat of Strength. This shouldn't come as anything as new as every pre-patch event awards one.

To earn this Feat of Strength, players will have to participate in killing every Elemental Lord boss in each invasion.

Primal Storms Gear and Transmog Pieces

Besides the Feat of Strength, players can expect to get catch-up gear, perfect for the new players wanting to get prepared for the Dragonflight expansion or for the veterans who want to get their alts up to speed.

The Primal Imbued mobs and the Elemental Lords have a chance to drop item level 252 gear. This gear will also be purchasable with the aforementioned Primeval Essence.

Here's where players can purchase them.

  • Alliance players can go to Storm Hunter William by the docks that leak to Boralus in Stormwind
  • Horde players can go to Storm Huntress Suhrakka by the zeppelin tower in Bladefast Bay in Durotar

There will be all types of gear for all types of wearers, including necklaces, rings, weapons, and trinkets.

Primal Storms Toy and New Heirloom Trinket

Additionally, on top of the Feat of Strength and gear, players can earn the Bag of Furious Winds Toy and the Unstable Elemental Confluence Heirloom trinket.

The former can be purchased from the aforementioned vendors while the latter requires rare drops from all of the Elemental Lords.

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