Watch Dogs: Legion – Best Tech and Upgrades for you to use in-game!

The game, which was released yesterday, is taking the gaming world by storm.

Watch Dogs: Legion has a host of cool new technology for you to get your hands on, and even lets you play as anyone in the game. No really, anyone.

With so many new features in the game, it’s easy to become confused by all the choices.

So, let’s jump into our guide for the latest technology and upgrades in Watch Dogs: Legion!

Tech Points

In order to get these gadgets and upgrade, you first need to collect Tech Points.

BE ANYONE: You really can choose to play as anyone you see
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BE ANYONE: You really can choose to play as anyone you see

Tech Points are acquired by finishing missions or simply finding them whilst you are free-roaming.

Gadgets you should be using

Infiltrator Spider Bot

This handy little gadget is perfect for players who love to sneak, helping you scout ahead and reach those hard to get to areas.

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It also allows an easy kill and can even help you collect more Tech Points.

Dedsec Grenade Launcher

This pretty much does what it says on the tin and is perfect for eliminating large groups of enemies at once.

Skin Mesh

This is effectively a heavy armour upgrade for your operators and helps them last longer in combat.

Disrupt Hack

This temporarily distracts your enemy by causing an issue with their Optik, letting you scurry past undetected.

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CHOICES GALORE: You can unlock and upgrade a number of features in Legion

AR Cloak

In true Harry Potter-esque style this started gadget lets you turn invisible for a short amount of time.

Attract Hack

This can be done to any trap you see in the area, and lures enemies into it, providing an easy takedown.

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Missile Drone

This one is especially useful for eliminating high profile enemies easily, and hassle-free.

Best Upgrades

Deep Profiler

Costing 25 Tech Points this upgrade lets you recruit anyone, even people opposed to Dedsec or Albion Security Guards.

It does this by leaking information about the target, letting you use this info against them.

Watch dogs legion deep profiler
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MAKE ENEMIES YOUR OWN: You can even recruit Albion employees

Gun Jam

Pretty self-explanatory, this jams the enemy’s guns, letting you take them down hassle-free.

AR Shroud

You can use this as an upgrade by hiding an enemy’s body, letting you sneak further undetected.

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