Valorant's Xenohunter Skin Causes Competitive Disadvantage

The newly released Xenohunter skin in Valorant wasn't necessarily appreciated by the Riot community. The realistic design meant fans felt disappointed by the lacklustre skin.

Despite this, fans were excited about the additional screen feature mimicking the Alien franchise that the guns are inspired by.

With mixed reactions to the announcement, a major disadvantage has been found when using this skin line on the bundle of weapons it comes for.

What are the disadvantages?

The screen sensor that agents were so excited about is the thing that provides issues in competitive play.

Before release, fans were concerned that the screen would work to show enemies' positions on the map. This would effectively become a pay-to-win skin which Riot desperately tries to steer clear from.

Xenohunter skin on the phantom
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However, the opposite is true. The screen actually takes up a large portion of the screen which reduces the visibility of the surrounding area. The possibility of enemies sneaking up on agents who use this skin is increased.

There are knives in the game which are also large enough to block enemies entirely, leading to more deaths and a worse k/d/a.

Who said this?

Reddit user Aabed_Nerd made a post on the site, addressing the issues with the new skin with included screenshots.

Looking around a corner with Xenohunter skin
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Looking around a corner without a Xenohunter skin
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Peeking around important angles and not being able to see enemies is an important factor to be considered before purchasing the skin bundle.

Comments on the post address that this issue could be resolved by switching the gun to the left-handed side instead. Some users even prefer this way of playing due to the more screen they can access.

If taken into consideration and prepared for, the way the scanner blocks the screen shouldn't be an issue. And when looking at the great design of the skins, it's something I'm sure agents could put up with. Beauty is pain, after all.

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