Valorant Xenohunter Skin Bundle Arrives In-Store Tomorrow

Valorant's variety of weapon skins provides a colourful experience for all agents. However, the newest series provides a duller and more realistic take on their most recent gun skins.

Skins such as the Radiant Crisis, Ruination, and Glitchpop all engage with bright colours throughout. The Xenohunter bundle cannot apply the same ethos as the set is inspired by the alien franchise, hence "Xeno".

Despite the difference in the lack of colour, Riot designed these cosmetics well which adds a cool factor to the game.

Fan Reception

The simplistic design of the weapons left fans unimpressed. Many users took to Twitter to discuss the similarities between the base skin and this one. Most notably the fact that there are hardly any changes apart from the included screen to show an agent's position.

The screen included in the gun is an obvious nod to the Alien franchise. But the community are wondering if it can be used to show enemies' locations too?

Despite fan reception not being the best, the realistic design with a gunmetal casing and red sights provides a more immersive way to play, even if it isn't as colourful.

What is included in the bundle?

The bundle of weapons include skins for:

  • Frenzy
  • Bucky
  • Odin
  • Phantom
  • Melee Knife
Xenohunter screen
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As Riot revealed these weapons only yesterday, it is not yet confirmed what the gun buddies, player cards or player titles will be.

When is this bundle available and for how much?

This bundle will appear in stores from today at 11pm BST or 3PM PDT.

The bundle costs 1,775 VP (Valorant Points) which would make this bundle a premium. Fans are also wondering if finisher animations may be included as this could be a premium bundle. Many hope that this will include the infamous chest-burster scene.

Valorant Points
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As the Valorant teams work on more skins, it's great to speculate what the next theme may be.

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