*UPDATE* Valorant: Who is Agent 21, Mage, Leaks & More

Valorant will soon be taking on its 21st agent codenamed Mage.

There is little official information about the agent, however, a load of leaks have revealed some critical news.

With the Valorant roster growing each season, the 21st agent will have to bring something new to the game. With a code name of Mage, it's very possible that this new agent will bring some more magical elements to Valorant. There isn't much official information but lots of leaks.

So, let's take a look at all the information, leaks and details we have about Mage, Agent 21 in Valorant.

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*UPDATED* New teaser trailers for Varun Batra

The new agent 21 has had some brand new trailers released which seem to tease at some more of the agent's abilities.

Additionally, it looks highly possible that the new agent will have some pretty impressive speeds as he speeds past locals.

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Agent 21's leaked codename

Agent 21's codename was leaked before the official announcement from Riot Games. @Valorleaks a very reputable leak source found that the agent may be called Mage.

Riot Games are best known for their release of League of Legends. Once again, Riot may be planning to do another crossover event just as they did with Neon and Zeri.

After the leak was released, the agent's full name was released. This was found in an in-game email where they were referred to as Varun Batra. Fans quickly found that Varun Batra is an Indian name. Additionally, this could be the first Indian agent in Valorant and sparks pride for a variety of agents.

Varun Batra's possible abilities

Some clever fans did some digging into the origin of the new agent's name. Varun has a similar sound to Varuna, who was the Hindu deity of the oceans. Perhaps this could mean that the Mage has water-related abilities.

With other agents such as Phoenix, Jett, Astra, and Sage already having elemental abilities, it makes sense for Varun too.

Mage easter eggs

Riot Games Valorant team are definitely the one to keep people guessing. However, they make this easier with easter eggs hidden around.

PBE bulletin image
expand image

On the PBE bulletin board, a new image can be seen. A geometrical hand can be seen pinned to the board. Additionally, this could be a link to the design of Varun Batra or perhaps even their abilities.

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