Valorant VCT Knife - new knife skin celebrates LOCK//IN

Valorant VCT knife

Valorant has revealed a new knife skin to celebrate their esports event, LOCK//IN, included in an esports capsule.

LOCK//IN will be one of the biggest Valorant esports events to date, so they are definitely celebrating with style.

The knife skin has four different colourways to represent each of the four different regions in the event.

Additionally, players can get regional cards and an emote to make sure they have the whole set for the event.

With a more realistic design, the wow factor of these is definitely the different colours you can have.

So, let's look at everything we know about the new Valorant VCT knife celebrating the LOCK//IN event.

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What to Expect in the VCT LOCK//IN Capsule

This new capsule to celebrate the giant esports event will include a bunch of great cosmetic items for the game.

It will contain...

  • Exclusive cards
  • A Raze spray
  • Misericórdia knife

The capsule is a limited-time drop which means it won't be available after it leaves the store.

So, this goes for the Night Market and the in-game store too.

With the recent announcement of the new VCT gun skins and variants, this is a nice way to show esports fans some love.

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Valorant LOCK//IN Capsule Release Date

This Valorant VCT LOCK//IN capsule will only be available on the in-game store from February 8 2023 to March 7 2023.

Additionally, 50% of the money spent on the capsule will go directly to the 30 competing teams.

Valorant VCT LOCK//IN
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So, whilst you get a cool set of new cosmetics, you are also directly supporting the competing esports teams too.

This investment feels like a no-brainer to get some cool content and support these teams.

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