*LATEST* Valorant: VCT 2023 Contracts, Salaries, Rules, Details, and More

Valorant teams have already been chosen to partner with Riot Games ahead of the VCT 2023 season.

However, now the opportunity for transfers within those teams has been made available.

This will last until February 2023 when the teams will be locked in.

The 'esports service agreement' that each player must sign is the contract to compete in the VCT 2023.

So, let's take a look at these agreements and how they will affect players in the Valorant Champions Tour, VCT, in 2023.

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*LATEST* Valorant Champions Expected to Come to the USA

It has been reported by Blix.com that the Valorant Champions matches will be played in America.

This comes from an insider source.

However, there is speculation about the exact location of the event too.

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VCT pro player salaries

Each league internationally has its own maximum and minimum payments for players in that team.

Valorant Champions
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Here are the minimum payments for each region...

  • Americas: $50,000 per year
  • EMEA: €50,000 per year
  • Pacific: ₩67,000,000 KRW per year

The interesting thing about this part of the agreement is that there is no salary cap for any player in any region.

Valorant contract rules and requirements

There aren't many rules for this particular contract. However, these are the basic regulations that players must stick to in the 2023 Valorant season.

  • Contracts are prohibited from including non-compete clauses or “right of first refusal” clauses, preventing teams from prohibiting or inhibiting players from joining other teams upon the expiration of the original contract.
  • Contracts are limited to four seasons in duration, however, they may be structured to have a base initial term plus an option that allows both parties to mutually agree to an additional season or seasons. This base term plus optional seasons still cannot exceed four seasons.
  • Contracts are required to include provisions that prohibit team members from match-fixing, colluding, or gambling in regard to VCT matches.
  • Contracts are required to include an option to terminate the agreement for either party in the event that the other party “commits a material breach” of the contract.

How can trades be made?

The trades within the VCT 2023 partnered teams are fairly unregulated.

Teams are able to trade any number of players for any other number.

Valorant Champions
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Trades can also be expanded to more than just two teams.

The whole contract seems to cover any legal area required but doesn't put too much pressure onto the players themselves.

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