Valorant Champions 2023 - esports event expected to come to USA

A new report from Alejandro Gromis has stated that sources close to the Valorant esports event have revealed its location.

It is expected that the event will take place in America this year with some sparse details also released.

The supposed details about the dates of all of these have also been revealed despite the event happening later in the year.

However, the exact location to hold the event has not yet been revealed.

But, there is strong speculation of the location where it could be.

As Riot Games are developing more into the esports scene, we may see a popular location for esports return this year.

So, let's look at all of the information we have for the location of Valorant Champions in 2023.

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Valorant Champions 2023 to be Held in America

The first two iterations of Valorant Champions took place in Berlin and then Istanbul.

Valorant Champions Istanbul Winners
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This would be the first time that the event would take place in America and a location has vaguely been speculated.

With the VCT for 2023 having franchised teams, we should expect a focus on regional play this year.

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What dates will Champions Take Place?

The post on Blix also detailed the exact dates that the final matches will take place for pro players.

As stated in the official post, mid-August is looking like the correct date for this event.

Here is what was said in the Blix post by Alejandro Gromis...

"7th to 26th of August (dates are approximate and might change)"

So, the 7th to 26th of August is the date to look out for if you're a fan of esports.

Where in America will Valorant Champions Take Place?

There is currently no official location confirmed for where the event will take place in the USA.

Valorant Champions in 2022
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However, it was heavily speculated that Los Angeles would be a possible fit for this huge esports event.

As Valorant Champions is happening in August 2023, we shouldn't expect any official confirmation for still a couple of months.

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