Valorant Stats: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Track Stats and Improve in 2023

Valorant Agent Sova

Valorant Agent Sova

Valorant has quickly become one of the most popular video games in the world. It's already sitting amongst other Esports classics such as CS:GO and League of Legends.

Professional Valorant players use stat trackers to see their progress and offer ways for themselves to improve. The used software is a professional version of websites such as

With casual players now able to look at Valorant stats to improve, where are the best sites to do this? And how can they help you become your best? Let's find out here.

In-game Valorant stat tracker

Before going to any third-party website to analyse your gameplay, one of the simplest places is in the Valorant main menu.

Players can navigate to the 'Career' tab which will show several different stats. It includes:

  • Agent Statistics
  • Match History
  • Rank

Agent statistics give more detailed information about each individual agent and can help players see their preferred playstyle. Moreover, it also allows players to understand which agents need some work put into them or who to avoid.

Match history does what it says on the tin. For example, it's a list of your matches with the players, wins, losses, and K/D/A all included. Consequently, you can use this to see how well you are doing and get a few more detailed pieces about each match.

In-game stat tracker for Valorant
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Your rank is your position in the Valorant ranked system. It shows your overall game performances and will place you on the ranked ladder for where fits best. However, players can climb out of these ranks too. is the choice for many Valorant players who want to improve in the game. It's very similar to the in-game stat checker but also provides some extra details that the in-game checker can't add.

In the website, players have access to a plethora of stats. These stats help players pinpoint which part of their game they need to work on. Players can see their damage per round, headshot percentage, KAST percentage, and win rate on all of the agents and maps, among many others.

Here's how to access and use this site.

  1. Open the website here.
  2. Select ‘Valorant’ from the menu at the top.
  3. Click the ‘register with the Riot ID’ button.
  4. Enter your username and password. website for stat tracker in Valorant
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You will then have access to your statistics in the game with extra details such as first blood, aces, headshots, and much more.

The Valorant Leaderboard

The official Valorant website has its very own leaderboard. Every player will is featured and can be compared with the best of the best out there. Additionally, players can also filter results to find themselves or other competitors of a similar level.

To sum up, your Valorant stats can easily be found in a number of ways. Analysing them can help a player make it to the professional gaming scene and become the best of the best!

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