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Valorant Crosshair Code Guide - Codes, pro players, and more

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Valorant is a game with many small things which when adjusted can make all the difference to your gameplay.

Nothing speaks these words more true than crosshairs in the game. Small changes to these can make you play at your best. Crosshairs in the game can be changed by inputting small codes which help to change up your vision.

There are endless versions of crosshairs which can all be adjusted by the millimetre to suit each person. And trust me... every person has a unique crosshair code.

So, let's look at this guide on crosshairs in Valorant, some professional players' codes and how to alter them.

What are Crosshairs in Valorant?

Crosshairs are used in the game to see exactly where your bullets are going to end up.

It usually looks like a little cross or square in the centre of your screen which will show where your bullets will end up.

Valorant crosshair database
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Many players alter these to their own style, gameplay or focus in the game.

Professional players usually alter these a lot too. Especially depending on who they are playing against.

How do I Import Valorant Crosshair Codes?

Valorant crosshair codes can be imported into the game very easily.

Here's how to do it.

  1. Go to the 'Settings' menu.
  2. Click 'Import Profile'.
  3. Paste the crosshair code that you like.
  4. Click 'Import' and choose the name of your profile.

You can also manually adjust a crosshair by changing its colour, opacity and outline thickness of it.

But, sometimes preset crosshair codes can give you a bit of direction if you are new to the game.

Professional Crosshair Codes

Here are some professional Valorant crosshair codes that may give you a bit of inspiration.

Tenz Valorant
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TenZ Crosshair Code


Shroud Crosshair Code


ShahZaM Crosshair Code


Scream Crosshair Code


Mistic Crosshair Code


Marved Crosshair Code


Derke Crosshair Code


Aspas Crosshair Code


Mako Crosshair Code








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