Valorant Riot Vanguard Update - everything you need to know

Valorant Riot Vanguard has revealed a recent update to the anti-cheating system.

Riot Vanguard has been under stress within the community as a very intrusive way to ensure there's no cheating software.

However, it is extremely effective at achieving this task and making sure there are no cheaters.

Riot Games have now revealed some essential key details about the update and what players should expect from this.

From this release, there have been some players unable to access the game due to an issue with the update.

But, we are sure that Riot Games will fix this soon.

So, let's look at the recent update for Riot Vanguard for Valorant and what players should expect from this.

Riot Games Announce Riot Vanguard Updates

Yesterday, Riot announced the update through a Twitter post on their official account.

This update is mandatory to be able to play the game as it must run in the background to avoid cheating.

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How to fix Installing Issue With This Update

Some users have found that Valorant doesn't start up or install at all with this new update.

Riot Games Support has officially revealed how to fix this common issue on their website.

Here is how to fix this issue when installing the new update.

  • Open your computer and launch Valorant.
  • Ensure Vanguard is open, or you will have to restart your computer again.
  • While opening Riot Clint and launching the title, a pop-up might appear regarding the update.
  • Press Yes on the pop-up to install the update. If you press No, the update will not install, and you might run into further issues.
  • If the game is glitched or not launching, re-installing the entire game should resolve the issue.

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