Valorant Altitude Skin Bundle - release date, weapons, prices, and more

Valorant Altitude bundle

Valorant Altitude bundle

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Valorant has now had its next skin bundle revealed by Riot Games titled the Altitude Collection.

Lifting players to new heights, the community are excited to get this new skinline for many weapons.

Along with the image of the new skins and what to expect, there have now been details released for the line.

These include the release date, weapons, prices and more which have all been speculated at.

Looking closer at the images of the guns, players can see agents sitting in the cockpit of the guns.

So, let's look at the details for the Altitude Skin Collection in Valorant and what players should be expecting for its release.

Valorant Altitude Collection Release Date

The official Valorant Twitter account has now revealed the release date of these new skins in the game and what players should expect.

So, this new skin line in the game will make its way into the store on March 29 2023.

This comes just a day after the new patch releases into Valorant, patch 6.06.

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Altitude Skin Weapons

These new skins will be coming for the following weapons...

  • Altitude Vandal
  • Altitude Odin
  • Altitude Bucky
  • Altitude Sheriff
  • Altitude Melee

Of course, there will also be some sprays, player cards, gun buddies and titles included in the bundle.

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Altitude Bundle Prices

Apart from the official photo included with the announcement, there hasn't been much official information.

However, there is speculation about the prices of these new skins which would fit the style of the design.

Valorant in-game
expand image

We would expect these skins to fall under the Premium section of skins in Valorant.

So, each gun would cost 1,775 VP with the melee coming in at 3550 VP.

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