Valorant Patch 6.02 Delay - PBE issue causes patch delay

Viper from Valorant

Viper from Valorant

The next Valorant patch is 6.02 and Riot has confirmed there is a delay with its release.

Unfortunately, players will have to wait an extra week before the update goes into the live game.

This is due to an issue in the PBE testing for the game which has made some issues glaringly obvious.

Valorant updates are usually released once every two weeks by Riot Games, with bigger episodes coming every few months.

With access to the PBE being stunted, the patch cannot be tested fully and cannot be released.

So, let's see what the big issue is in Valorant 6.02 and why this has led to a patch delay in the game.

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Why is the Next Patch of Valorant Delayed?

The issue for the next patch of the game doesn't come exactly from the updates within the patch.

So, it comes from the Valorant PBE itself. p[layers were not able to enter the separate client on the testing weekend.

Valorat PBE
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Riot Games planned to run the patch on the PBE on the weekend of January 21 2023.

However, no testing could happen due to the situation with the PBE itself.

Riot is very conscious of releasing unfinished content and has instead decided to put a patch delay on the new content instead.

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When Will the Next Patch Release?

So, because of this, the PBE launch of the patch will now begin on February 3 2023.

And, if all goes well with the PBE release, the new release date of patch 6.02 will be moved to February 7 2023.

The next patch to be added to the game should be on time and will release a week later.

So, expect to see patch 6.03 on February 14 2023 with some new Valentine's content hopefully.

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