Valorant NO LIMITS Bundle: Release date, price, skins, and more

Valorant NO LIMITS Bundle

Valorant NO LIMITS Bundle

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Valorant has added a new weapon skin line, that celebrates the ongoing Masters Tokyo.

The NO LIMITS bundle in a unique skin line. It was inspired by the historical Japanese district of Shibuya, which is one of the biggest commercial and finance center in the world.

This skin line brings us five weapons with a unique design. They all feature the iconic Hachiko Statue from Shibuya. The player card and gunbuddies also look exceptional, and feature the historic Shibuya 109 building.

So, without further ado, let's find out everything about the Valorant NO LIMITS Bundle.

Everything about the Valorant NO LIMITS bundle

The NO LIMITS skin bundle has already arrived at Valorant. The skin was released on June 15 and will be live until June 27.

As mentioned above, this skin line was created to celebrate VCT Masters Tokyo. The skins have a powerful and imposing look and are covered in red, white, and black.

The weapon skins also have a special lighting effect. This effect allows them to change colour and shade.

Valorant NO LIMITS Bundle
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This skin line has one Vandal, Ghost, Bulldog, Spectre, and Melle weapon skin. The entire bundle costs 5100 VP, and it also includes player cards and gunbuddies.

If you aren't interested in acquiring the whole bundle, here are the individual skin prices:

  • Vandal - 1275 VP
  • Bulldog - 1275 VP
  • Spectre - 1275 VP
  • Ghost - 1275 VP
  • Bat - 2550 VP
  • Buddy - 475 VP
  • Cards - 375 VP

Night Market

Valorant Night Market is one of the best events for the Valorant community and it returns in June this year.

Valorant Night Market
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Riot Games have officially announced the market will return halfway through Episode 6 of Act 3. The general hype around the event makes it a huge deal for the community as expensive skins are brought for a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, it also brings back some skin lines which were a limited-time offer which means those that missed out can try again.

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