Valorant Night Market: A new Night Market has been announced!

Valorant Night Market

Valorant Night Market

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The Night Market is one of the most popular Valorant events, but it only happens a couple of times per year. Because of that, the community is always on the lookout for the next Night Market.

Fortunately for the Valorant community, the next Night Market is just around the corner. As usual, the Night Market will bring great skins that can be acquired for just a fraction of their price. So it's easy to see why the Valorant community is very excited for what will be the first Night Market of 2024.

Without further ado, let's take a look at what the next Valorant Night Market has in store for us.

Night Market release date

Episode 8 Act 1 is well underway and has already delivered some great content such as the Kuronami Bundle or the Outlaw Sniper, a new weapon that is taking over the game.

Now, Episode 8 Act 1 is also introducing the first Valorant Night Market of 2024. Riot Games has officially announced that the Night Market arrives at Valorant on 31 January, and will be live until 28 February.

The Valorant community reacted positively to this news, and many players are eager to know which skinlines will be available in the upcoming Night Market.

Valorant Night Market 2024
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Credit: Riot Games
The Night Market is coming back!!!!

Most players are excited about the Night Market return and are looking forward to purchasing some Valorant skins with a flash sale price attached.

The Night Market will go live on the date mentioned above around these specific times:

  • 5pm PT
  • 1pm BST
  • 12pm GMT
  • 7pm CT

What is the Night Market?

Valorant Night Market is a limited-time store which offers players a chance to get skins for a cheaper price. Additionally, it also brings some older skin lines back for players to purchase when they have originally left the store.

There is a total of six different skin lines for fans to choose from and each one will be different for each player. Some players will be luckier and have skins from higher tiers.

This is why Valorant players get so excited for the event, the opportunity to purchase older skin lines is perfect for those who have missed them. Furthermore, they can do it at a discounted price.

Valorant Kuronami Bundle
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Credit: Riot Games
Kuronami Bundle

However, not all the skins in the game are available in the Night Market. Each edition of the event has a set number of skin Bundles available. This means some Night Markets will have rarer and more popular skins, while others will have less popular skins.

We will update this article regularly with information about upcoming Night Markets, so make sure to bookmark it.

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