Valorant Night Market: Release Date, Time, Details and More

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Valorant Night Market

Valorant Night Market is one of the best events for the Valorant community and its return is inching closer.

It's expected that the market will return halfway through Episode 7 of Act 1. The general hype around the event makes it a huge deal for the community as expensive skins are brought for a fraction of the cost. So, every fan is excited to see what the next Nigth Market has in store for them.

Additionally, it also brings back some skin lines which were a limited-time offer which means those that missed out can try again.

So, let's take a look at when the Valorant Night Market will return.

Release date and time

Episode 7 Act 1 is making waves in the Valorant community, coinciding with the prestigious Valorant Champions 2023. The Valorant Night Market will return on 10 August and will be live until 30 August.

Valorant Night Market 2023
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Players are excited about this return and are looking forward to purchasing Valorant skins with a flash sale price attached. Many are hoping to complete their collection, while others just want to update their inventory.

Hopefully, the next Nigth Market doesn't undergo any problems and delivers some great skins to players.

Be careful of your timezone so that you don't miss out on the cheaper skins.

  • 5 pm PT
  • 1 pm BST
  • 12 pm GMT
  • 7 pm CT

What is the Night Market?

Valorant Night Market is a limited-time store which offers players a chance to get skins for a cheaper price.

Additionally, It also brings some older skin lines back for players to purchase when they have originally left the store.

Prelude to Chaos Valorant skin
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There is a total of six different skin lines for fans to choose from and each one will be different for each player. Some players will be lucky, and have more skins from higher tiers.

This is why Valorant players get so excited for the event, the opportunity to purchase older skin lines is perfect for those who have missed them.

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