Valorant: Is There a Halloween Event?

Valorant has typically not gotten so involved with Halloween events despite Riot's other games having events.

With the spooky season approaching, now is the time for gaming companies to finish making content for spooky-themed events.

However, it is rare that games don't have Halloween events but sometimes, there are the odd few that ignore this tradition.

Games such as Overwatch, Rainbow 6 Siege, and League of Legends all have these themed events. However, not every game is the same.

So, let's take a look as to whether Valorant will have a Halloween event this year and what may be included.

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Will Valorant have a Halloween event this year?

If the past few years are anything to go off of, Valorant will not be having a Halloween event.

Back in 2021, the only Halloween content given was a Jack'O'Lantern gun buddy which was included in the battle pass.

Jack o Lantern gun buddy from Valorant
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As the game was only released in 2020, it makes sense that a Halloween event was not on the table back in 2021.

However, maybe this year will be the kink in the chain that releases Halloween-themed content for the game.

Halloween-themed content

So, although there is no official event for the game, there are some spooky or gothic skins and content available.

Valorant Reaver skinline

Purple and black are key colours for Halloween in real life. And these have been implemented in the Reaver skinline.

The skins look very gothic with the colours used and the sharp decorative elements too.

Reaver skinline from Valorant
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Ruin skinline

The Ruin skinline look like something that royalty would own.

Although not especially linked to Halloween, the red, black and gold are symbolic of decadence and violence.

Ruin skinline from Valorant
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Ruination skinline

The Ruination skinline comes directly from the League of Legends universe.

Inspired by the events around Ruination, the skins are perfectly designed to entice players into the Black Mist.

Ruination skins from Valorant
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Hivemind skinline

Hivemind skins in Valorant are brilliant for those who love the extra-terrestrial look.

These crooked curves and sharp edges give this sword skin an especially sinister appearance.

Additionally, pair this with the fleshy purple look and you have something straight out of the Alien franchise.

Hivemind skins from Valorant
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