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Apex Legends: Will Alien vs Predator be the Next Crossover Event?

Apex Legends fans seem to think that the next crossover event for the game will feature Alien vs Predator.

The clever fans of both series have concluded what the next big event will be in Apex Legends.

The evidence seems to point to yes, with many easter eggs throughout the game hinting at this possibility.

So, let's take a look at the evidence for this and whether it could be a possibility for Alien vs Predator to do a crossover event with Apex Legends.

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Reddit Alien and Predator discussions

The Reddit user @onikaqueenofrap1 made a post on the site analysing what the next crossover event could be.

Looking at the skins to be released in the next event, it looks like some references to the film franchise have been made.

The skin for Gibraltar shows a pale-faced grey Gibraltar with darkened eyes. This could be referencing the engineer from the films.

The two weapon skins also seem to resemble both Alien and Predator respectively with their colour schemes and designs.

Users underneath commented suggestions for which Legends they would like to see as other characters from the films.

Apex Legends weapon skins

The weapon skins for each of the weapons definitely broadcast the design of both Alien and the Predator.

With a dark black base and gold trim, the design of the Predator is certainly taken into consideration.

Xenomorph from Alien
click to enlarge

The same goes for the Xenomorph-looking skin with an all-black colour choice.


Despite this post blowing up in the community, it is only a rumour and has not yet been confirmed by Respawn or EA.

The evidence provided seems solid. However, Apex Legends are not one to do crossovers with such iconic pop-culture figures.

Until we hear any official announcements from Respawn or EA, we can only hope for the crossover to come into existence.

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