Valorant- Best Halloween Themed Skins

The Valorant Halloween event is nearly here and the community is ready to see what content awaits.

However, the Halloween content from previous years still holds strong as some of the best skins are in-game.

With a potential Halloween bundle coming soon, let's take a retrospective look at older skins in the game.

Whether you intend to use these this Halloween or not, these are just some great skins in-game to choose from.

So, let's take a look at the best halloween-themed skins available in Valorant and details about them.

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Valorant best Halloween-themed skins

Here are some of the best Halloween-themed weapon skin bundles in Valorant.

Forsaken skin bundle

Forsaken skin bundle from Valorant
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This bundle has a very similar aesthetic to the creepy Reaver bundles.

However, instead of using the typical red and black colour scheme, a green and black aesthetic is used.

It gives off a zombie aesthetic with the glowing green gashes on the guns.

Reaver and Reaver 2.0

Reaver skin bundle from Valorant
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Reaver has been a fan favourite all year around. Reaver is not just for Halloween.

Surprisingly, this bundle was a pretty early release for the Valorant community. And the hype still hasn't died down for this classic skinline.

Nunca Olividados

Nunca Olividados skin bundle from Valorant
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Red, black, and green all seem to be key colours in this list of Halloween skins.

However, Nunca Olividados is here to change that notion with quite a few splashes of colour.

The traditional Day of the Dead is celebrated in this Valorant bundle as a woman with a skull can be seen on the side.

Ruination skin bundle

Ruination skin bundle in Valorant
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Ruination takes inspiration and direct links to Riot's other popular game, League of Legends.

The undead style is given a royal makeover here as the green tint billows through these weapon skins.

So, prepare to channel your inner Viego for this reference.

Valorant Xenohunter skins

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What better way to encapsulate the fear of Halloween than with an alien-themed bundle.

Xenohunter takes hunting to the forefront of gameplay as players hunt down the enemy team.

The weapons in this skin take a more militaristic stance to weapon design but definitely makes reference to the popular film.

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