Valorant Game Changers Championship - All Teams Revealed

Valorant Game Changers Championship will soon take place in Germany and the teams have all qualified.

The full list of qualified teams has now been released as they begin to suit up for their tournament.

Game Changers is a female-only tournament which has made some big strides for women in the gaming industry.

With hype for the event rising, people are beginning to speculate who will be lifting that trophy high.

So, let's take a look at the full list of teams that will be taking part in the Valorant Game Changers 2022.

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Valorant Game Changers Championship Teams

The championship for this esports event will see the best eight teams face off against each other.

These teams come from all around the world and will fight in Berlin for the title.

Game Changers finale will begin on November 15 and until November 20 2022.

So, here are all of the teams competing at the Game Changers Championship.

  • North America - Cloud 9 White, Shopify Rebellion GC
  • Latin America - KRÜ Fem
  • Brazil - Team Liquid Brazil
  • EMEA - Guild X, G2 Gozen
  • APAC - Fennel Female, X10 Sapphire

Team Rosters

Here are the set rosters for each team in the championship event.

Cloud9 White

  • alexis
  • Jazzyk1ns
  • katsumi
  • meL
  • Bob

Shopify Rebelion GC

  • flowerful
  • sonder
  • KP
  • Lorri


  • kalita
  • conir
  • romi
  • consu
  • baesht

Team Liquid Brazil - Valorant

  • naxy
  • drn
  • bstrdd
  • daiki
  • nat1

Guild X

  • klaudia
  • Smurfette
  • roxi
  • aNNja
  • ness

G2 Gozen - Valorant

  • Mary
  • Glance
  • mimi
  • Petra
  • juliano

Fennel Female

  • Festival
  • suzu
  • Len
  • Curumi

X10 Sapphire - Valorant

  • babytz
  • poly
  • Alyssa
  • Muffyn
  • JinNy

There will be no changes to these set rosters as the championships will soon begin in the search for the best female Valorant team.

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