Game Changers Valorant Championship Location Announced

The Game Changers Championship is due to start later this year. Taking place in early November from November 5 to November 20.

Teams through this year have been competing in events to get into for the first-ever Game Changers Championship. The Valorant championship is not region locked but allows teams from all around the world to enter.

Eight teams will make the final cut to compete in the championship. But recently, further official details have been confirmed by Riot Games.

What are the Game Changers?

Game Changers was an initiative set up in 2021 which showcases women and other minority identities in the competitive Valorant scene.

Since then, the organisation has helped to promote esports to everyone, even identities that are often left out of the competitive gaming arena.

Females involved in the Game Changers Championship
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The tournament is female-only which creates a nice change of scene from the usual lineup. With only 5% of professional gamers being female, this tournament is a huge step for diversity in the industry.

Where is the location?

Riot has officially confirmed the championship will take place in Berlin for its first year. More news will be released in the coming months with the lead-up to November.

The teams will compete in a double-elimination bracket which will take place through a LAN server.

No official information has yet been released for any tickets. So, we are unsure if there will even be a live audience. But this article will be updated with content whenever the news is announced.

Fans of the Valorant competitive scene can also follow the action by checking the social media of the official Valorant Esports. Latest updates will be shown there.

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