The Changes in Valorant Episode 5 Act 1: Content, Details, and More

Valorant Episode 5 Act 1 is one of the biggest changes we've seen in the updates of the game.

Although relatively new in Riot's library, a large section of the older game has been removed or changed. Agents are still getting used to all the new content that was brought out two days ago.

It's a lot to take in for newbies and veterans of the game. So here are all the details of the newest episode of the game all in one space. Nice and easy!

Added content in Valorant

New Valorant map

A brand new map has been added to the game. Based in an underwater city evading the natural disasters above, Pearl paints an idyllic scene. However, all the killing inside of it spoils this a bit. The new map is still being learnt by agents but has been interesting so far.

Episode 5 Act 1 battle pass

The Episode 5 Act 1 battle pass has also been added on the release date of the patch. The basic battle pass contains the Shimmer Classic, Operation: Vacation Player Card, and Perfect Pattern Gun Buddy.

SHimmer skin line in Valorant
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Additionally, more bougie agents can purchase the premium bundle and get the Task Force 809 Phantom, Spitfire Operator, or the Cat Tactics Gun Buddy.

Event pass: crossover

Comic book-inspired Valorant cards can be earned by playing and earning XP. And if enough XP is earned, three exclusive player cards, radianite points and new tiles will be rewarded.

New skin line content

The sci-fi-inspired Valorant skins are included in the Prelude to Chaos skin bundle. Vandal, Operator, Shorty, and Spectre are all weapons which can be equipped with these futuristic skins.

Prelude to Chaos Valorant skins
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New rank

Along with all the other content, a new rank has been added to spread agents around a little bit. The ascendant rank sits between Diamond and Immortal and will help with player distribution.

Removed Valorant content

With the new map being added to the game, the Valorant devs decided to remove Split in order to keep the balance. Removing Split meant that the game could have its magical number of eight maps. And this number is perfect as agents can memorise maps without becoming too overwhelmed.

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