Valorant Episode 5 Act 1 Cosmic Crossover Event Revealed

valorant cosmic crossover event

valorant cosmic crossover event

Riot Games will reveal later today their Crossover Event Pass for Valorant. It was created as a way for agents to celebrate the newest map, Pearl and to commemorate the expansion in the game.

The episode 5 cinematic "Shattered" shows a comic book shop that is found within the latest map set in the mirror verse. To upkeep the comic book theme, player cards are adding personality to each piece.

But what is included in the Cosmic Crossover Event and when is the release date?

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Event pass and content

The Event Pass will be free for all agents above level seven. Spanning for three weeks, agents will be able to play and develop their skills whilst learning the new map, Pearl.

The pass will take place from June 22 at 2 pm PT until July 13 also 2 pm PT.

The content included in this Crossover Pass Event will include:

  • 2 Tiles, "Dimensional" and "Double Agent"
  • 3 Player Cards, Omen, Killjoy and Raze, and Valorant legion
  • 2 Radianite levels which are equal to 20 RadP

With such a large amount of content being added to Valorant besides the new map, agents are gathering excitement to return to the field. The Valorant developer team also showed excitement with comments from Mike Berry, Video Director.

The primary goal was to create a few key visuals to support the story, which was very much inspired by the PEARL map itself. Players don’t know too much about the Omega side of this conflict, but it would be easy to assume they’re the ‘bad guys’ based on what we’ve seen so far. What better way to flip that expectation than to throw Alpha into a room literally filled with heroic images of the other side?

To have such a brilliant group of people working on the newest Valorant releases in the Valorant world means that fans will have a great time when receiving the new cosmetics.

Valorant release date

The release date of this content coincides with Episode 5 Act 1, so it will be released today at 2 pm BST.

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