RealTech: Gioteck TX-50 gaming headset review - the best bang for your buck

Searching for the right headset to fulfil your gaming needs can be a daunting process.

The internet is a minefield of high prices and brand names you struggle to pronounce, but Gioteck have just produced a professional headset for gamers on a budget.

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The TX-50 Stereo Gaming Headset delivers a complete gaming experience for the modest price of £29.99 (yes, you heard that right).

Check out the trailer below and find out how Gioteck's new headset compares to others on the market below.

Usability & setup

There is no lengthy setup procedure for PC, Mac or Mobile, as the headphones are automatically detected and connected by these devices.

The same goes for setting them up on an Xbox One - simply plug the headset into the jack on the controller and start playing.

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Setup for a PS4 is slightly more complicated - you need to go to the ‘Audio Devices’ settings screen and set the ‘Input and Output Device’ to ‘Headset Connected to Controller’.

The premium headset uses a wired connection, and while a headphone jack can be frustrating for some, I had no trouble getting around it.


I'll put it out there - the TX-50 is one of the most comfortable over-ear headsets I have ever tested.

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The combination of lightweight materials with the (almost) excessive use of Alcantra padding on the ear cushions will make you forget you are actually wearing anything.

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Yes gamers, that means no more 'ear-fatigue' or overworked neck muscles, making this headset perfect for long gaming sessions.


The sound quality is pretty good, so I wouldn't stress about missing approaching enemy footsteps.

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Although the 50mm high-impact drivers don't compare to the sound quality that the more expensive headsets deliver, you still get a precise delivery of sound through the ear cushions.

For just £29.99, the TX-50 delivers a heavy-hitting sound that keeps you immersed in an interactive environment.

I noticed a considerable improvement in my K/D ratio when I started using the headset in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, so I won't be relying on my TV speakers any more.

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While the flexible mic can’t be detached, it can easily be manipulated to stay out of your peripheral, and lets you deliver crisp commands to your teammates.

Finally, as the headset plugs directly in to your controller, you will not have to worry about any battery issues.

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Premium comfort, premium finish, good audio.

While I have a slight issue with the portability of the headset (due to the lack of a foldable design), I have no problem with comfort of the headset, or the price that it is listed at.

If you are gaming on a budget, this is the perfect headset for you.

Quality: 4 stars

Price: 5 stars

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