Football Manager 2020: Every single new feature coming to the game

From an improved match engine to player partnerships, Sports Interactive have turned it up.

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A host of new gameplay features are being introduced to Football Manager 2020 (FM20), thanks to Sports Interactive’s focus on delivering a truly authentic experience.

Football evolves as a sport year after year, catering to the demands of most environments that it exists in. Sports Interactive’s introduction of a club code and conduct allows you to stamp a greater sense of authority when you arrive, kicking off your FM save as you mean to go on.

Focusing on player partnerships, increasing support from backroom staff and improving communication within a club, Sports Interactive have hit the nail on the head by introducing a culture of inclusion to the game.

Take the club’s culture into your own hands, devise a unique style of play and uphold your club’s code of conduct on and off the pitch – here are all of the new gameplay features that you need to know about.

Engine improvements

Football Manager 2020’s match engine has been improved, along with a series of graphics improvements and the implementation of ‘newgen’ faces.

This has all been done in a bid to make the game feel as authentic as possible.

Code of conduct

In the current context of football, creating a code of conduct within your club is of paramount importance.

You can now decipher a pre-agreed code of conduct with your captain and set punishments for any form of football-related offence, so while dishing out fines has never been easy, it just got a whole load simpler.

If a player doesn’t turn up for training, or is regularly being sent off – you can lay down the law, before the offence has taken place.

More accurate GK stats

Any goalkeeper’s player profile will now feature the number of penalties they have faced and saved, making the game far more authentic than it has felt in previous years. 

This feature will come in handy when the occasional vital penalty shoot-out pops up.

Youth intake profiling

The brand new Development Centre will give you updates on upcoming youth intake, and highlight any top prospects.

This adds to the authenticity of the experience, as scout reports currently feature in FIFA 20.

Player partnerships

A feature that brings Football Manager closer to the world of football is the introduction of player partnerships.

Players with established partnerships will show in the game, and even players who have played well together at another club could will still have connections when played together.

Multiple buy-back clauses & protesting transfer offers

While buy-back clauses have been neglected in FIFA 20 (with only release clauses introduced so far), ob FM20 you now have the option of implementing multiple buy-back clauses into a deal, reflecting the current state of transfer negotiations.

Another great feature is the option to protest a transfer offer that was accepted over your head by the board.

Other new features include successful loan deals resulting in enhanced relationship between managers, as well as loan feedback now becoming available.

Reserve team request

While it may seem unlikely, there is a chance that you will take over a club without a youth academy, reserve team or an U23s squad.

This year you will be able to interact with the board and put across your needs, whether it is scouting youth players for the academy or putting together a reserve team.

Tactical insight

A classy addition from Sports Interactive – when you are out of options and have executed your primary game-plan, your assistant will now offer tactical insights to get the team back in the game.

The backroom staff have been improved, so you’ll get better pre-match advice including an ideal match-day squad and better tactical analysis.

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More backroom staff roles have been added this year (Technical Director and Head of Player Development, for example), and staff can now receive bonuses following a successful season.

These additions will make for a more complete experience, and help you to hone your tactics for each opponent.

Improved experience when unemployed

Being unemployed is a key part of FM20, so the experience has been enhanced.

You’ll now receive more frequent and more detailed job updates, as well as increased press opportunities, so your name will stay in the news and remain relevant.

Sponsorship income table

A new introduction to FM20 is the sponsorship income table, so you can take a look at how other clubs interact with their sponsors.

This means more transparency, more detail and more information.

End of season meetings

There are now additional responses to deliver to your team at the end of the season.

This in turn will give you more flexibility in coming to terms with the season you just completed, while preparing for the upcoming campaign.

Reconsider your resignation

Resigning after a successful spell can be a conflicting decision.

What if no other opportunities appear? And what if you can’t replicate the same form at a new club?

Well now when you resign, the board may attempt to keep you on, offering contracts and promises to those who deserve it.

Additional features

Amongst the host of gameplay updates, some other things have been added to make FM20 a more complete experience than ever before.

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Scouting and Match Engine enhancements provide the bulk of this list:

  • Two new A-League clubs have been added (including Western United FC, who featured in our ‘Best 10 Clubs to Manage‘ piece)
  • Managers now have clothing that features their club’s colours
  • Intensive language courses for incoming loanees
  • Managers set up more specific targets for new signings
  • Edit your training intensity to achieve the results you want
  • Set up your own pre-season friendly tournament to hone your managerial capabilities before embarking on your campaign

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