How old is Lily in Street Fighter 6?

Lily in SF6

Lily in SF6

The latest Street Fighter game has a couple of new characters and many fans would like to know how old Lily is in Street Fighter 6. She looks like one of the youngest heroes and is also a newcomer.

So, we will provide you with a short description of Lily in SF6 and try to figure out how old she is. Hopefully, you will find this article useful and it will encourage you to try out this character and explore the game’s roster.

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How old is Lily in Street Fighter?

As we already stated, Lily is one of the youngest characters in SF6. However, there’s no exact information about her age, which is a shame. Although we can suggest that she is around 15-20 years old.

Lily in SF6
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Her birthday is June 3rd, and looking at her appearance, it’s hard to give her more than 20 years. So, she’s most likely a teenager or a very young adult.

Who is Lily in Street Fighter 6?

Lily is a new character that the developers introduced to us in SF6. She comes from the same tribe as fan-favourite T. Hawk. So, her personal story is connected to this fighter. Also, her moveset consists of different moves that may remind you of T. Hawk’s fighting style.

Lily looks like a short and energetic girl who uses two clubs as her weapons. She bears the power of wind, and this element helps her perform different special moves. So, her arsenal is impressive, and playing Lily feels really exciting.

Overall, we can say that Lily is a good addition to the roster and she is definitely one of the coolest new characters we got in SF6. Hopefully, the developers will not make her exclusive to this game and will add her in the future instalments of this franchise. Give Lily a try and perhaps she will become your main in SF6!

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